Demi-Glace Sauce Inspired Braised Beef Mushroom Stew with Pressed Tofu Noodles a…

Demi-Glace Sauce Inspired Braised Beef Mushroom Stew with Pressed Tofu Noodles and Oven Smoked Roast Chicken Thigh
Free from flour, butter, refined sugars, Worcestershire sauce and instant roux based sauce. Deep, sweet, savory, warming, aromatic yet accessible richness. Quite a reasonable way to enjoy low fat, low gluten and low net carb friendly dinner, for sure, no lacking flavor at all. Specifically, a great fit for winter, even though wine is off the table.
The gist of that flavoring is coming across between Espagnole sauce and demi-glace sauce. Even so, practically kind of Espagnole sauce character, which means, it would be one of likely ideas for pressed tofu noodles on every single level. Taste, texture and mouthfeel wise, completely taking up amazing loads of flavor. Every detail of tips for serving in action would be with the recipe.
Besides aside from the most simple roast chicken, overall, it will work out nicely in terms of the whole nutrient balance per 1 serving. Take a shot.
As for other options of a carb accompaniment, both couscous and Algerian semolina bread pair well with this stew. If you’re one for runny egg yolk, it would be a nice way to go. Possibly, rice could be fine to your liking, it has never been mine though. 
When it comes to a protein packed side, pork loin as well as chicken breast will go nicely with this stew. Silken tofu would be another way to go.
>The recipe is on the comment thread. The 2nd one will be yours.
It might bring to your mind hashed beef stew in some aspects. It makes sense, in part, because the heart of that Japanese dish had been considered as one of typical French dishes based on Espagnole sauce for a long time. Even though there’s nothing like clearly established common ground, as a correlation, between them, still, that dish has been popularized as a kind of sub divisional variation of the parent style, at times, even far beyond Japanese cuisine.
This dish was originally composed by me as to my little sister’s taste. It has been quite a while since it became one of food for designated family reunion during holidays.
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  1. Naturally, it has been modified towards an even leaner and lighter dish, this dish is still one of her favorites. Sometimes, she treats me so well by cooking this dish. Unfortunately, there was no chance to redeem cherishing moments over a year, plus, nothing’s clear yet, well, I’d forgotten about that.
    The other night, I’ve received a few food pics she took; the stew she made, that gave me some motivation to apply myself to what I learned new; considering some inspiration she gave me, I altered a bit. Even though she is not a fan of using chocolate for cooking, tasting several types of chocolate chips for baking she shared with me, that was remarkably appealing to look into the entire earned progress.
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  2. • Demi-Glace Sauce Inspired Braised Beef Mushroom Stew with Pressed Tofu Noodles
    1. For the groundwork of the stew
    ▶️1 tsp. olive oil
    ▶️14g 99% chocolate chips for baking with stevia
    If stevia sweetened chocolate chips are not in the table, you could take 99% fine dark chocolate. And then, fill it out by using liquid allulose.
    I highly recommend keeping a very nice distance from erythritol. Basically that’s not for cooking, specifically so called time consuming dish. 
    ▶️1 cup onions chopped
    ◻ Take a deep 5 ply pot. Heat over the medium heat, pour olive oil to coat evenly.
    ◻ Put chocolate chips. As soon as mingled well, add onions. Stirring constantly, cook until onions become translucent.
    ▶️1/2 cup celery stems and leaves chopped
    ▶️1/2 cup carrots chopped
    ▶️1 tsp. pepper
    ◻ Add celery and carrots to the pot. Cook for a couple of minutes over the medium low heat. Keep it at bay to avoid a burnt bottom of the pot as way sensitive to the heat relatively; it’s practically different from a typical sautéing. Compared to usual butters, chocolate chips are naturally yet sticky over the heat, besides, basically this recipe consists of the minimum amount of them for a light meal.
    ▶️1/4 cup arrowroot flour 
    I always opt for using arrowroot flour instead of regular flour so that the outcome would be gluten free and low net carb friendly. 
    You could just take 1/3 cup of regular all purpose flour. In that case, sprinkle the flour to form a roux. 
    ▶️3 tsp. liquid beef stock
    ▶️4 cups fresh water 
    ▶️40g fresh curly parsley stems and leaves chopped
    ▶️4 pepper corns
    ◻ Combine the liquid beef stock, fresh water and arrowroot flour. Pour the mixture into the pot. Add the parsley and 4 pepper corns.
    ◻ Bring to a boil over the medium high heat, stirring occasionally the pot bottom to dissolve every single bit of the fat.
    ◻ Turn the heat down to the medium low level, simmer for about 20 min, stirring continuously.
    ◻ After the evaporation, the cooking liquid will become a very gooey and thick sauce. Besides, nothing less than an exhibition of veggies, that’s the right density.
    ▶️2 tsp. liquid beef stock diluted 2 cup fresh water
    ▶️1 cup fresh water
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