Strawberry Rose Chicken over Pressed Tofu Noodles Topped with Peanut Avo Mayo Sa…

Strawberry Rose Chicken over Pressed Tofu Noodles Topped with Peanut Avo Mayo Sauce and Sunny Side Up Egg 
& Baked Coconut Ball with Caramel Flavored Stevia Sweetened Chocolate Chip and Drip Coffee
The last day of the week. Upcoming week would be just another week, I hope it could be a bit noticeable.
The leftover sauce was combined with curly parsley chopped and a hint of rose flavored salt in addition. The recipe is on the previous post. If needed, head on over there.
As for the sunny side up egg, the more rustic, the better. That means, as the structure of the egg gets richer, the mouthfeel of the whole dish gets better. Many strawberry seeds in the stoup will work like good room for another crispiness as well as a buffer between the chicken and stoup base.
A hint of coarse salt on the surface, a cursorily greased pan, less than an even spread and super crispy outer edges, it will truly take up. I mean it, take a shot!
Pressed tofu noodles should be blanched in hot salted water and drained altogether before served. Simply, you could go microwaving for about 2 min. Absolutely better than nothing. It will come out nicely as you can part, with a bolt of clarity.
A mixture of avocado mayo and peanut butter sauce with a dash of ground chipotle, it will work out nicely as a kick. It could be the best way to go, in certain ways.
The coconut ball might remind of the taste of chestnut water chestnut balls, the shape wise, this was made from pure coconut though. A great accompaniment for smoky drip coffee. Mildly sweet, full bodied nuttiness and very stable structure. Certainly one kind of stuff, even though unbelievably accessible.

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18 thoughts on “Strawberry Rose Chicken over Pressed Tofu Noodles Topped with Peanut Avo Mayo Sa…

  1. It was for a closure of the festive season, that’s the reason that dessert was made from what my partner can not eat. I took the coconut back for a one time deal.
    I’m still not certain I can leave behind what happened when he ate coconut by accident, even though many moons ago. Not critical one, don’t get me wrong, but it was the most dramatic reaction ever since I’ve met him at the time.
    Anyhow, the word of coconut has been a particular something to be one of functional signs as well as inside jokes, mostly alone time for readjusting. You can call it the overachiever act, if you want, very well. You will not be the first or the last, admittedly.
    What he has done for me during the festive season of my side, it’s often made me feel weak in the knees as this is kind of his particular brand of making himself fond and useful all at once. The way he has amazed and amused me, his decency that makes me feel better.
    He is not one for being someone getting sidetracked with a lackluster conduction. Things do happen, but that’s just one of many conditions to him. Like the fact that similarities as a feature and appearance always matter, mannerism as a real presence rather matter, though.
    I was under the impression that he didn’t bake bread for sheer emotions really. It turned out not a kind of written thing.
    It all really comes down to a simple fact: we’re not going anywhere else.
    The way we approach other matters, like caring each other. There’s an undercurrent of integrity beneath it, even so, nothing like moral codes. In some ways, it does bring me some sense of sorting differences as most things.
    It’s been the favorite idea as caring for us can make up for him caring for us though. We have been in large part the reason behind some challenging agendas since we’ve met. A few double meanings in our relationship, that’s a given thing. Admittedly, it had been a risky idea for a long time.
    Even though I’m very much the same as him in there, it does not mean it’s going to be easy to make a meaningful and comforting ground between us. We put quite a lot of time to make it sure more than we’d expected at first.

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