The 11th day of Christmas. . Tomatillos Chicken Shrimps Black Bean Vermicelli St…

The 11th day of Christmas.
Tomatillos Chicken Shrimps Black Bean Vermicelli Stew
& Mini Lotus Seeds White Potatoes Pie Topped with Basic Za’atar and Darjeeling Hibiscus Tea
The last portion of stewish guacamole casserole base with black bean vermicelli. 1/8 tsp. chicken stock and 40g black bean noodles did a great job, it was quite remarkable. At times, leftover food could be better. A strong case had been built for few day. The exciting taste was literally coming through, besides, with black bean vermicelli, it came out truly nicely. Better than it was, definitely.
Compared to other types of bean based pasta, this is generally less sensitive to heat and water. Sweetness wise, it could be halfway around grain free bean pasta. Most of the time edamame based one might be too sweet. 
The bread was made out of a middle ground between Vietnamese baguette for sandwiches and crispy French bread roll as my partner who bake an array of baguette buns. Once I’ve tried a bit of that, I can tell with a sense of clarity. He made a noticeable landing inclined to his point.
The feeling that it was a smart strategy as well as brilliant move made me take the simplest way to go a certain swoons, ed by it was precisely pulling myself into cravings for little digs about the classic that’s able to inspire and ease me. It did work. Scored, dug that out, and then, an egg.
Gears are likely turning into my mind at the turning point of the season. At this rate the authentic pastry for Epiphany celebration, such as Three King cake and galette des rois, can’t make it. Even so, it might as well focus on reminiscing about good things, rather than taking the biscuit for nothing.
Fresh butter from whole new small batch with pantry fridge clean out. Eventually, I used up lotus nuts in my pantry. It’s been a while since the last time I used it, as is, in the middle of autumn. You’ll not get it wrong though, that’s only because the size of a pie is too small around my kitchen.
Lotus nuts are really great for sweets, both healthyish and dramatic goodness, and Chinese savory soup. As a paste, topping, component and so on, it will mostly come out very well.
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14 thoughts on “The 11th day of Christmas. . Tomatillos Chicken Shrimps Black Bean Vermicelli St…

  1. If you have a thing for pork, combine minced pork with a mixture of lotus nuts and taro imo. And then, put them into your hotpot. You will relish the most classic way to indulge in a pairing of starch and fat. Absolutely savory. Just to note, yam or yellow sweet potatoes will be merely fine. 
    As for vegan friendly options, lotus leaf wrapped steamed rice and Chinese sticky rice dumplings would be a nice idea for that. Both flavor and cultural experience wise, it will go nicely. Even though the most popular version of the two would be pork and lard based types in terms of flavoring, by the originals, still it could be just options. Give it a go. A hint of black rice/sorghum would be a good twist for that. Chestnut slices and dried dates chopped can be another way to go for sweet teeth.

  2. WOWWW Lin 🤩🤩🤩 All ur food is sooo full of flavour & sooo beautifully presented every time ❤️👌❤️👌And I’m 💯 sure it is absolutely delicious aswell 😋😋😋 Enjoy my dear friend 💖💖

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