The 6th day of Christmas. May you and your family wrap up this year on the same …

The 6th day of Christmas.
May you and your family wrap up this year on the same page. It would come to your feelings that open the door to a sense of clarity in life you truly deserve ✨
Persillade Beef Hotpot & Lemon Lime Infusion Tea with Stevia Sweetened White Chocolate Chips Free from Sugar Alcohols
Hotpot, simple and easy to make. Great for quality time with family as no less right for winter warmer dish serving.
One of the very best ideas itself for winter warming food, even though it’s been unlikely ed by colder than expected for quite a while.
Anyhow, it did work well; to deal with the deep seated need to step as far away from lockdown depression.
1. For hotpot base
I opt for clear and umami packed type rather than spicy one. But it’s been always something with a kick.
Made from neutral dashi stock, a few pieces of dashi, runny and salty soy sauce, green onions, the white part of leeks, green pepper seeded, 1/2 tsp. SRIRACHA SAUCE and a hint of sesame oil and perilla oil.
If neutral dashi stock is not an option, you can omit it. Basically, Japanese style dashi stock is not for this. Keep that for another day. You’ll use plain dashi, salt and pepper for your stock.
In case you choose veggie broth and unsweetened soy sauce over this, perilla oil and sesame oil should be added to the pot right before you started to cook veggies so that it would be stepped aside from long time exposure to higher temperature relatively. Not only flavor wise and but also healthy wise, it would be even better.
Option – dried goji berries and rice wine
2. For others
When it comes to other ingredients, I highly recommend adding 3 types of mushrooms to your hotpot at least. White muer mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and Chinese mushroom, these are for the most popular pairing around any hotpot.
Lean beef would be the very best idea in any case. I normally prefer medium thin cut beef over just thin cut beef. Persillade rub with a touch of perilla leaves always do a trick, you could take a shot.
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17 thoughts on “The 6th day of Christmas. May you and your family wrap up this year on the same …

  1. Bean curd will definitely go nicely in any case. Dried tofu skins or sticks, fried or not, stuffed or not, it really can’t move the needle. Just details to your liking. Give it a shot.
    And then, bok choy, mung bean sprouts, napa cabbages, carrot coins, chopped garlic cloves and grated white radish.
    As for the sauce, creamy peanut butter based one could be the best. I always add chili garlic sauce and avocado mayo to that, it’s just amazing all the time. Perfectly pairs well with the hotpot base. If you’re one for sweet teeth, coconut soy sauce will be an option for the sauce.
    Congee and noodles after hot pot is usually not ours, there was just an egg. If there’s no other carb source in there, more than one might work only in bits.
    Just to note, you could just make use of leftover soup for a hearty casserole. Using a colander, make the soup clearer. Bring to a boil, remove froth from the surface of it. Put some fresh veggies, and then reduce.
    Meanwhile, prepare chickpea pasta free from grain and other beans such as edamame and black bean. Shape wise, fettuccine and spaghetti will be a fit for this. Others might as well be kept for their own case.
    Cook pasta, drain and keep it for a while to get them stable. Keep an eye on it because chickpea pasta is very sensitive to water and heat.
    Once you’ve reduced veggies, take an oven proof baker. Put them to the baker. Top it with chickpea pasta. Brush the cover with water. Slide it into air fryer. Cook for about 30 to 40 min under 320 F. It will turn out amazingly nicely. Earthy, lean, savory yet clear, better than the top of shepherd pie. Even surprisingly, in part, actually a natural thing though. Chickpea pasta has been notorious stuff as a bad pasta alternative, it makes sense in a facet, still it likely has an edge over others. It’s up to the way you take it as a means to your purpose.
    You can bake it in an oven. In that case, preheat an oven to 320F. Put a lid on the baker with a cooking foil/a teflon sheet for cooking. Cook for about 30 to 35 min.

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