The third day of Christmas. 4 more sleeps until New Year’s Eve. Enjoy these last…

The third day of Christmas.
4 more sleeps until New Year’s Eve. Enjoy these last few days of 2020, by all means!
Cheese Shaped 99% Dark Chocolate Chips Mango Cream Cheese Mousse Cake and Strawberry Lime Mint Infusion Tea with a touch of nettle
Looks so cute, isn’t it? What a lovely mold for mousse! This is the cutest one in Christmas gifts that my little sister gave me this year 👯‍♀️
I can’t take for the recipe because basically based on her originals. After I’ve seen the mold, I asked her for good mousse cake recipes for the mold as she gets the better of me in there.
I pulled the skinny out of them, and then, reorganized and tweaked it to my liking so that the outcome would be fit for low sugar & net carb & sweetness options.
Inside layered cake would be the most popular version around this mold, it was practically the very first attempt to make it though. I chose a few important points as a matter of priorities in the whole composition.
No cookie sheet for flour free. No sugary at all. Rich and quite strong. Classic savory goodness. Definitely less likely salty salty, more likely savory. Absolutely rich and slightly stringy. With extra fine dark chocolate chips, I felt like kind of never get tired.
Made from butter, cream cheese, gelatin, whipping cream, whipped cream, heavy cream, 3 types of allulose, water, mango pulp, lemon juice, mango essence, stevia, egg yolks, soy milk, vanilla extract, Kosher salt, a bit of sugar and yeast extract. 
99% dark chocolate chips inside the mousse cake.
Given that this was a fresh approach to no bake recipes, not that bad as the first attempt.
Besides, even though using the mold would be a great idea to keep each serving size in moderation as its features, I mean, not necessary to make the whole cake of many serving sizes. I’ve already made one, just good enough to consume until the end of Christmastide by two. A good combination of frozen cheesecake and heated knife, that’s another story in here.
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13 thoughts on “The third day of Christmas. 4 more sleeps until New Year’s Eve. Enjoy these last…

  1. Drip coffee would the most popular accompaniment for this. Still, fruity and herbaceous tea will be great too.
    The strawberry lime infusion blend started out fairly sweet and very refreshing scent. Natural strawberry character in itself. It settled down slightly pungent aftertaste. The extreme point of each bright tone in a time lag, and then, tiny little bit of nettle that I added to the second cup of tea started doing a trick. A nice twist. It helped me wrap the alone time wrap up.

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