Happy Boxing Day! I hope you had a wonderful time filled with abundant cheer on …

Happy Boxing Day! I hope you had a wonderful time filled with abundant cheer on the Christmas Day.
May you enjoy yourself with a plenty of love and joy from all presents you got πŸŽπŸ’–
Tomato Chickpea Sauce with Mozzarella Cheese over Perciatelli
Alone time is really good to me and for me all at once. On the second day of Christmas? By far the best πŸ”₯
Fresh from my oven! The first day of Christmas has passed with the leftover stacked 3 bell pepper casserole, and then, a fresh start to come into the bridge.
Simply, this pasta is one of inviting variations of comfort food for easy and quick meal ideas.
The sauce was truly hearty and earthy, plus, pretty much versatile because it’s based on meatless stew and soup as food for sharing. You might get the point of what I’m trying to say. It derived from a typical Algerian pairing of tomatoes and chickpeas, which means you could take it for tasty couscous and acini di pepe stew. It will come out nicely adding meat to your dish or not, either way!
Made from tomato paste, 1 large sized onion grated, a handful of grated carrots, 1 cup blended chickpeas, 2 tsp. paprika, 1 tsp. mild harissa, lemon juice, a hint of mint and parsley chopped, pepper and kosher salt.
The thing is, to bring umami in every single ingredient. It won’t be packed as a sweetness, even so, it’s unlikely to stop drawing into the station. After all, you would see the first sight of another way to go irresistible plant based dishes.
β€’ A few notable options for treasured winter taste
Option 1 – garlic cloves chopped, ground ginger, preserved lemon and mini bulgur balls for a comforting stew
Option 2 – chopped artichoke, fava beans, garlic cloves chopped, a bit of saffron threads, ground ginger and lemon juice for a hearty soup
Option 3 – chopped Swiss chard, arugula and roasted aubergine flesh. On that, 1 handful of freekeh prepared, rather than blended chickpeas. One of nice ideas for plant based diet recipes.
Tips for other carb source – potatoes, green peas and sweet potatoes
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11 thoughts on “Happy Boxing Day! I hope you had a wonderful time filled with abundant cheer on …

  1. Mostly, chicken stock would be a nice idea to keep your plant based diet at bay.
    Considering a definition of that, you could already get the heart of what I’m trying to say. Indeed. Plant based diet is practically close to a balanced diet in moderation, anything but a kind of limit of fully charged one food diet. It really doesn’t mean you need to eat just veggies. It’s not about plant based diet, besides, being obsessed with veggies would be not the ideal.
    Almonds and dried fruits are basically not mine around these options, still, you could make use of them to your liking.
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  2. This batch was made with the most classic type of pasta, rather than pasta alternatives for a low carb friendly option. It has been quite a while since I ate usual pasta, it was amazingly indulgent. Besides, with a good dose of cheese, an adequate serving size for lunch, it was great as a meal of the transition from Advent fasting to completely regular diet routine too. I’m going to hold two meals per day based IF periods until Epiphany to avoid a broken relationship among my mind, my body and food preferably; needs, cravings and indulgence. Naturally, lacking of total calorie intake and nutrients over 3 weeks likely brings kind of weight cycling.
    Staying in control of the balance of sensible eating and indulgence, it’s never going to be easy easy. Just getting used to the routine of learning the ropes and applying that to your life gradually. In the middle of intermittent fasting periods, it often becomes difficult, naturally. But it could be something on another level while you’re getting back.
    Overall, it has turned out a matter of hormone, partially, after your new routine hit about two weeks point of the whole. Seeing net carb intake per meal off would be a nice idea to reduce both physical and mental stress from the inevitable redemption in any case. Extra loaded carbs are practically not helping. Unless you’re always into cardio workout session, it will make you feel like too hungry; partially makes sense, that’s the reason risky. Even though there’s not much context here but in general, it is what it is.
    Over packed, bursting at the seems, you’ll be staying in control to keep a good distance from that. To top it off, it could put you up some place that makes feel you difficult to eat something you want even need. For these reasons, it would be a good way to ease into the routine which is not only most familiar to you but also not the same as before.
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