Beef Shrimp 3 Bell Pepper Nacho Casserole Stack & Lemon Curd Flavour Green Tea ….

Beef Shrimp 3 Bell Pepper Nacho Casserole Stack & Lemon Curd Flavour Green Tea
Being lazy with a plan. One of easy meals to make, great for the holidays.
Using salsa is a very nice idea for an amazing nacho casserole. If that’s not in an option, also, if you have a thing for gooey goodness with umami from bell peppers, you could try this.
To top it all off, great for fridge & pantry clean out. Give it a go!
>The recipe is on the comment thread. If needed, see attached.
The 23rd day of my Advent tea calendar.
At first, the scent of this tea made me remind of old fashioned lemon squares. Luscious, delightful and inviting something. I still agree with that, partially though. Now, I have a bigger thing to say. 
I was not so sure about that the tea is likely something reached out, a session in my best interest, very pleasant experience with a surprise. This blend did it up in the right way. Yes, absolutely better off than as expected. Much more classy, besides, there was something like mesmerizing aftertaste. It got my full attention in there. I felt very refreshed after a little sip, a kind of kick. Still, a wake up call would be a too lame diction for that. This tea was clearly stepping forward to make me focus on the teatime, even so, it was not going to offer me a chance to carry off some graphic dictations. My taste buds were going weak at the knees without a critical hit, apparently.
This is a big deal. GREEN TEA was a really brilliant core design of the blend, it was quite fresh form of comfort I got in my Advent calendar of this year. If black tea takes a featured role in there, well, it could be into nice tea experience of mine. But it will be done by a way of arrangement, admittedly. 
For green tea, by green tea, to green tea and so on, by all means. Green tea was being in charge of the entire action. I felt it down to my bones in an inexcusable way.
If you’re a green tea person, it would be a nice place to clarify a window around you. 
>Continued on the comment thread

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  1. • Beef Shrimp 3 Bell Pepper Nacho Casserole Stack 
    ▶️Whole wheat tortillas cut into chips
    ◻ Preheat an oven to 338F.
    ◻ Take pans. Make a good array of the chips keeping a single layer.
    ◻ Bake 7 min. Once you’ve finished it, flip them. Keep it in the oven for about 10 min. And then, draw it out of the oven. Set aside to cool.
    This recipe is with a good measure of cheese in itself. I guess it’s not necessary to brush tortillas with oil. It’s up to you though.
    ▶️200g extra lean ground beef
    ▶️Pepper to season
    ◻ Take a pot. Heat the pot over medium heat. 
    ◻ Cook until beef turns brown.
    If there’s unwanted and excess fat in the pot, it might be better to remove that from there.
    In case you’d like to indulge yourself with festive savoriness, I highly recommend adding a generous pinch of coarse salt to the pot. And then, turn the heat up to high. Bring out the best richness from a combination of beef fat and salt using a spatula, like scraping, finished off with a hint of pepper. Getting up a good reduction in a wink before it becomes cool. That’s the whole point.
    ▶️The 2nd pot
    ▶️1 chopped red bell pepper, thawed
    ▶️1 chopped yellow bell pepper, thawed
    ▶️1 chopped orange bell pepper, thawed
    ▶️200g chopped broccoli, thawed
    Thawed one will be the best for this on every level. It’s useful to reduce the entire cooking time because the recipe is basically based on completely cooked and highly concentration of peppers and broccoli.
    In that regard, once I’ve shaken off the ice crystals of them, I’m normally making use of the liquid from them, rather than drain the liquid from bell peppers. 
    ▶️1 handful of wild arugula chopped
    ▶️1 to 2 tsp. Kosher salt
    ▶️1 tsp. Pepper
    ▶️The beef and drippings from the 1st pot
    ◻ Take the 2nd pot. Heat the pot over medium heat. Put bell peppers, broccoli and pepper. Cook until the moisture of them is evaporated. 
    ◻ Put salt into the pot. Scraping up, mingling, make it fully reduced over low medium heat. It will become sticky. 
    ◻ And then, add pepper, wild arugula, the beef and drippings to the 2nd pot.
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