Yule Cube Croissant with Drip Coffee & Apricot Honey and Lavender Infusion Tea ….

Yule Cube Croissant with Drip Coffee & Apricot Honey and Lavender Infusion Tea
My family version of glorious Yule Block is up! Here comes carbs & fat & calorie intake rotation all at once too. Fresh from my oven, a good block not burnt. I usually do not burn it, just I enjoy. There is no Yule Ball this year, so I think no need to wait for the weekend at all.
I got up early in the morning to bake this. Certainly my hard work paid off. The best batch ever, no exaggeration. It reminds me something flaky and luscious in the same breath! Not soggy at all, worth using hands.
Matching with a seasonal twist of adding Christmassy touch, it might be not the best for this, I guess. As the really beautiful one came out, it was so clear this is great in itself. I had no motivation for addition to that. To top it off, I really don’t leave a minute chance to go right down the drain, no way. Just my desire for better.
The first half of it was good fit for hand serving, the rest of it was served with drip coffee. Pouring the coffee bit by bit, using a pastry knife and fork, enjoy the whole serving. It’s my way for croissant cube, it never fails me. No leftover as it should be, all pastries are very sensitive on every single level. It was a perfection. I even can like the extra HIIT session time for this! 
No words needed, all pics in action will give you everything you need. Enjoy! 🤗
Croissant, the star of laminated pastries. This was baked to cube shaped one for reason. I know, probably this croissant is still not pleasant to someone who wants to stick to the origin of the word of crescent. The Cube shape of that makes it get far from the iconic French weekend treat which is the authentic croissant. Even so, eventually both croffle and cronut have been considered as something worth a try nowadays. Likewise, we can put the croissant cube in that way. Probably that’s one of the reasons, It seems kind of bread shaped croissant has been popularized these days. Even a loaf of croissant. Take a shot!
Filled croissant is not mine, also, I have no taste for creamy or chocolatey filling. So this was not the most popular variation of that.
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20 thoughts on “Yule Cube Croissant with Drip Coffee & Apricot Honey and Lavender Infusion Tea ….

  1. It absolutely worked well though. Flaky, buttery, rich, filling, a wonder. Terrific goodness!
    Speaking of which, if you’re going on a diet, regardless of the ultimately specific goal, I highly recommend considering a meaning of cheat meals. You’ll not eat what you wasn’t able to eat for a while. You will take in food to get an activation of your metabolism, but it should keep away from a big sugar cluster or a massive calorie bomb. The thing is, filling out lacking of specific nutrients which are reduced during diet by your diet strategies matters. Both could be a same thing, but it likely goes against grain. You will keep an eye on the total calorie intake of the day.
    That’s the reason I draw the matter of metabolism with cheat meals. Our body is bound to adjust the efficiency of decreased nutrients for a long time. Even though there are many different opinions about the efficiency of cheat meal strategy for weight management, specifically fat loss in short term, even so, that is crystal clear. It means you can use it to your liking and goals. 
    In a similar regard, a plan of cheat meals with little workout session would be more efficient in there, rather than just caring your diet plan. Overall, focusing on shaking routine to another routine, that’s the heart of sustainable weight management in long term.
    When it comes to festive season eating routine, I get one cheat meal on the condition I have one meal a day based IF periods for Advent. In total calorie intake of the day, it should be kept that of my normal routine. And then, I get merely one and regular HIIT session tweaked bit, before or after I enjoyed. This is not about discarding what I ate. It’s close to a maintenance to keep the body core nice. Lastly, keep fasting for 18 hours and take 1 more of sleep. Our body needs to deal with tiny but noticeable changes.
    If you had fat or protein rotations, I highly recommend drinking more water for improved metabolism. Compared to carb rotation, it will be helpful for your body balance.
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  2. The 22nd day of my Advent tea calendar. Merry winter! Mistletoe with a red ribbon bow, birth, reborn, rebirth, aging, embrace, marriage, carrying and so on : I had my tea time with lieder. You could take a shot!
    Once I’ve opened the door of today, the fruity goodness burst. Spiced pears, tangy peaches, candied apples and apricots, household liqueurs, infused lemon peels, old fashioned fruit cake and rum barks, these are what came into my mind at the time. And then, somewhat leafy and flowerish scent afterward. The compliments of the season, indeed. Nothing like vitamin gummies.
    While steeping the tea in action, I was thinking of Christmassy views. Specifically, crowded candy shops and festive lighting on the street. It was working up a vague appetite. Practically, being close to that. Poised to a consciousness of meditative state, rather than real cravings for food. It was kind of a good look for joyful refreshing.
    I was really enjoying the entire tea time because the flavor of that turned out to be quite a persuasive plot with a twist. At first, I thought it’s taken by a stable sweetness in the whole balance, even though nothing like the vanilla nougat tea of yesterday. Actually, there was no room for that.
    Right after I made a reel of silky bag to avoid stains, I took a sip. I was surprised because there is no mixer in there. It was certainly a case lined with its own grain. Incredibly fruity and hardly sweet. Rose hip, apple, sweet blackberry leaves, lemon balm & peels, apricot, apricot flavoring, licorice root, honey granules and lavender flowers : a truly wonderful sequence for calling. This blend got the gist of flavored tea. Naturally taking the flavor to the next level in itself. I am totally for the part of best served without milk. 
    The second cup was with hibiscus tea at room temperature. A subtle combination of sweetness and sourness in gear, it was fancy. You could give it a shot.
    Just as you know, it will be better to brew hibiscus tea by using off boil water to avoid very distinctive taste people like or dislike.

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