Gooey Red Bean Soup with Tofu & Vanilla Nougat Flavour Black Tea . . A good trea…

Gooey Red Bean Soup with Tofu & Vanilla Nougat Flavour Black Tea
A good treat for a celebration of turning over winter solstice of this year. For a healthy meal, Pt. 2. Yule block is on its own way, but first, red bean soups with tofu. Free from Added Sugar and Sugar Alcohols.
It might be not picture perfect food, this was made out of a hearty, filling and healthful dish as major approaches of Asian winter solstice tradition though. Red beans do mean an auspicious start by cutting bad luck, it has been considered as a common thread among countries in the Far East, traditional custom wise. 
Besides, red bean has many healthful benefits in itself. Applying them to your food would provide you a nice option for plant based diet, on the condition the entire carb content of your meal could hold itself off appropriately. Plus, it would be an idea for Christmas pudding alternatives as the distinctive texture and sweetness of red beans. With a gluten free and low carb friendly thickener such as arrow root flour, you could just have your way. Not so much a rocket science. On that, this batch was tweaked by savory tooth taste though, I’m going to omit the details. 
Overall, red bean recipes has been equated with typical sweet treat recipes for a very long time. If you blow your viewpoint up to a whole section, a few cases for quite nice savory food could come up. Still, it’s safe to say there’s no remarkable exception around winter solstice food variation sections.
Some point, there’s room for even healthier choices in a sense of traditional boundary scheme though. I’ve mentioned the distinctive texture and sweetness of red bean a few times : actually, it’s not necessary to candy red beans, for sure, in case you’re fully cooking them. Red bean does bring out its own sweetness once cooked. Completely mashed or half mashed, it would give you a chance to experience earthy sweetness in nutritious food, rather than too strong sweetness from refined sugars. I highly recommend adding a pinch of salt to your red beans so that its sweetness would become rich.
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11 thoughts on “Gooey Red Bean Soup with Tofu & Vanilla Nougat Flavour Black Tea . . A good trea…

  1. The 21st day of my Advent calendar.
    Black tea, licorice root, apple, almond flavoring, meringue flavoring and vanilla flavoring. You can get the heart of this already, “By simple means.”
    Vanilla nougat had upper hand in every respect from the very first time I started steeping the tea. It was kind of overwhelming. And then, a land on the end of the spectrum came up, like a gap year. It became a flavored tea that tastes like classic dessert. The outstanding nougat taste got the better of nutty taste as the tea blend from my standards. It tasted like typical Florentine.
    For this reason, this blend was not close to what normally is aimed at my thing. Overall, it would be a very pleasant and preferable one though. You will be likely to take comfort and pleasure that there is no too strong sweetness at all, and, it adds up to tea time of a festive delight.

  2. Plus, it will be a helpful idea to keep your beans well conditioned for a healthier option. You can get enough liquid for your soup without a blender. Just so you know, in that regard, fruits smoothie could be not the best idea for lowered blood sugar as expected.
    If you’d like to indulge yourself with delightful goodness, allulose will be a nice option for that. Compared to well known sugar alcohols, it would likely be safe from other side effects relatively.
    And then, just a bit of rice. I used white rice as an older tradition, you could choose brown rice or long grain rice over sticky rice. Just soak it into water before you start. It will come out nicely.
    When it comes to options, I opt for a combination of SILKEN tofu and chestnuts. These are likely great for even sweet variations. Just as you know, tofu would be a nice alternative for yet healthier choices in many ways. Clarifying the types of tofu will be useful to skim out an amazing versatility from that standpoint. Ice cream, spreadable stuff, lasagna, tiramisu, vegan patties and so on. It could keep your diet flavorful and nutritious all at once.
    As for other options, water chestnuts, toasted walnuts, pine nuts, peanut butter, almond butter, these are close to what people called the mighty combo. Osmanthus infused rice wine will be great for warming food ideas. You could take herb infused liqueur that is way familiar to yourself.
    Aside from that, soft boiled egg and over easy egg would pair well with this soup.
    Pumpkin spice mix could be a triumph of your version, even though not quite enough to take it the traditional way. You could give it a go.
    Even if you’re not a fan of tofu, you’ll not worry about that. Alkaline cubes, starch balls, rice cake balls/blocks, rice dumplings, sticky rice, wheat noodles, fried rice balls like chewy texture of popovers, konjac rice, small sized tapioca pearls and so on, these are all time tested variations of tradition, much more than merely old fashioned way. Feel free to have your way.
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