Whole Rye Soldiers and Soft Boiled Egg with Allulose Sweetened Cherry Soda & Dar…

Whole Rye Soldiers and Soft Boiled Egg with Allulose Sweetened Cherry Soda & Darjeeling FTGFOP tea with Air Fryer Fried Red Bean Paste Donut Hole
The Fourth Sunday of Advent 🕯🕯🕯🕯 
Midwinter treats with a healthy twist for a meal, Pt. 1. This is basically not for Yule log or block treat, you can count on me!
A combination of whole rye soldiers and dry red wine is one of my partner’s favorite holiday treats. This meal was for his eating routine of indulgence for the season. He really was swooned with a cup of his favorite red wine. Allulose sweetened black cherry flavored sparkling water treated me well.
It might be a little lack of calories as looking out pics, actually just good enough for the one meal. We ate up the last piece of stollen, the heel of the loaf. Even though there was no longer any marzipan in there, the most essential and efficient nutrient was already fully taken for a day, besides with skimmed peanut butter powder thickened black soy milk. 
We’re going to watch my favorite footage work and the best production of our favorite operetta afterwards as a breeze. It had been thought that it’s stepping into Midwinter from sunset on the evening of day before winter solstice, which means it had started from nighttime of the eve as older customs. 
The 20th day of my Advent tea calendar.
Darjeeling FTGFOP tea, in short, I’m entirely for the original caption. I don’t read the caption until I actually finished up the tea time to avoid biased viewpoints, as a rule, this was just a sheer surprise! All boxes checked. I still have no addition to my decision I made. Quite a full bodied tea inclining into robusta character, it swooped down on me right after I brought out the summary of it. If you likely incline into the description, come right to go.
The most interesting part of the blend is, this was utterly distinctive stuff as is, still the boundary the blend set is less likely pompous. The second cup of tea was matched with lapsang souchong tea, that was much more satisfying for my liking in many ways.
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12 thoughts on “Whole Rye Soldiers and Soft Boiled Egg with Allulose Sweetened Cherry Soda & Dar…

  1. Both this tea and lapsang souchong tea didn’t want any wing, even so, that jam eventually made me turn myself on beautiful traits of them. 
    That woody and subtle smoky bitterness based flavoring had the depth of its own, pretty much good one. It might be a good place for you too.
    When it comes to the cutest, the dough was made with whole wheat, brown rice and psyllium husk, rather than glutinous rice and starch flour. A hint of sesame seeds, instead of pistachio/cashew nuts for a low carb friendly option. Even though merely bite sized one, it should be better for mindful eating. For sure, great for a nice combination too.
    Air fryer fried composition made it even better. Done to appetizing browned skin, crispy on the outside, very stable to the touch, yet incredibly nice to bite through. And then, allulose candied red bean paste. It turned out nicely as its distinctive texture. Not oozing but catchy. Slightly chewy texture with creamy and gooey touch. 
    Besides, carbs already had hit the moderate intake level in the whole composition, it was really needed. A nice way for sugar alcohol free & low sugar friendly option. It worked so well in an amazing way.

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