Chickpea Banana Prune Bread with Pu’er Tea in Drip Coffee & Chai Tea with Low Su…

Chickpea Banana Prune Bread with Pu’er Tea in Drip Coffee & Chai Tea with Low Sugar Dark Chocolate Coated Cherry Bar Free from Maltitol
Meatless Friday afternoon tea.
Pu’er in drip coffee, chickpea banana bread, typical big band jazz inspired compilations and my partner who never stops amazing me. How privileged. Even better than having coffee house fun, I’m not trying to redeem the fox and the sour grapes to make myself come around in apple pie order.
Well, actually quite a simple item with a healthy twist. It means a great deal for me though. This is one of typical ideas for one meal a day based IF periods by a way of pulling myself out of unwanted food cravings.
Munchies came from the same grain. It’s with soy protein and real grains. I’m originally not a snack bar person or a fan of soybean protein. First, regarding soybean proteins, using them has been considered as not the best idea for (meaningful) protein supplement for many people, protein intake wise. Every coin has two sides though. This is a likely case in there. Less than efficient in an absorbing protein way, in that regard, it would be another way to go because both kidney and liver can stay away from sudden protein bursts like fall out.
>As for the details of it, continued on the comment thread. If needed, see 2nd one.
The 18th day of my Advent calendar. Here comes CHAI tea! 
Chai tea and milk would be a very nice combination, this was a blasted delight though. The shot turned out to be a nice thing. A pairing of chai tea without milk and the bar indulged me with blossom of its own. It really went nicely in a way I’d never thought the two will fit into altogether. I felt like there’s something close to a never seen before thing for a moment. There are many options in market for snack bars, have your way.
To top it off, the tea blend was amazing in itself. There was a pull to a persuasive motive once swooned with this. Anything but way too much stuff, completely nailed it! It made me keep going over different versions of tea experience with chai tea.
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13 thoughts on “Chickpea Banana Prune Bread with Pu’er Tea in Drip Coffee & Chai Tea with Low Su…

  1. I don’t know which version you’ll be met with when you choose the tea as there’s nothing I’ve got to find out your favorite way for chai tea. All I can tell is this is worth sparing your tea time. After all, all things are wanted in a way, more familiar or less unfamiliar to many, either way. Feel free to take a shot!
    Just as you know, it might be useful to skim out comment thread for way sensible snack bar options. If you’re in the middle of weight management or IF periods, it could be helpful for you.

  2. Taking carbs from genuine grain is one if my long time agendas during IF periods because highly refined and strong percent of pure protein from whey cause kidney problems. Particularly, during one meal a day based IF, it’s bound that calories intake has been reduced. On that, naturally, it likely brings up the entire volume of food we had as often. Besides, our eating pattern has been changed out as to way long fasting terms. It would keep lowered blood sugar level, overall, it doesn’t mean the ideal of inclining into dietary supplement. Specifically, whey/milk protein could be a likely cause of unpleasant IF experience. Even though they are combined with others such as eggs and many different real flour, to make it slow our body absorbing process, it could be not enough. Rashes, headaches, heartburn and so on.
    In short, considering practical changes of both total calories intake and the whole volume we have in IF periods, it might as well choose soybean inasmuch as keep it at bay a good dose of that.
    At first, I’ve opted for grain free bread alternatives made with whey/milk isolate for a long time, so eating in soybean protein might be a bit unexpected choice at. After all, it turned out nicely. It does work for me at least, possibly, it might be work for you.
    But you will increase bit by bit. Even if you normally have no issue for isoflavone just like me, overusing could be a cause of sickness in your IF periods.
    Besides, soybean protein is usually higher in carbs content relatively. Adding compound carbs would be an important bolt of your meal organization plan for good. Hypothetically, on the condition you’re in self quarantine and having just under 20 min HIIT during IF, under 50 years, roughly speaking, 30 to 40% of compound carbs based meal plan could generally helpful to keep your routine straight. It might as well yet better choice in the long run, rather than typical high protein meals packed diet routine.
    Other dietary supplements for weight management will have an influence on your metabolism, admittedly, I’m not so sure getting somewhere in action.
    >Continued on the reply

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