Mexican Touch Chicken Tagine Couscous Casserole & Royal Blend Tea with Stevia Sw…

Mexican Touch Chicken Tagine Couscous Casserole & Royal Blend Tea with Stevia Sweetened 70% Dark Almond Chocolate
Have you remembered the chicken tagine? Yes, this couscous casserole was made out of leftover makeover. It smelled very festive and tasted truly warming and catchy. I posted the original recipe 3 days back. Go for it!
I added chicken breast roast diced&shredded, chopped endives, two types of couscous, ground pepper, sweated shallot chops and 1ts paprika infused olive oil to the leftovers. Oven finished composition with 70g of cheese. In short, a good dose for one meal a day based IF periods.
Cauliflowers chopped were out in this batch, you could try. It will come out nicely. If you have a sweet tooth, go with some apple sauce. Perfectly great for these cold days. 
I opt for a casserole dish which makes me use a knife and a fork, rather than smooth one. If you’d like to get a casserole melting in the mouth, nothing like a stuffing, you can cook for a while and mash veggies to your liking in the first place.
Using couscous could be not mandatory, but it will be a healthier way relatively. Semolina wheat mostly has an edge over bread crumbs. In a similar vein, I do use a mixture of fine couscous and Israeli couscous.
When it comes to other carb options, buttery and crispy pastry would pair well with this. Mini potpies, mini galettes and so on. The crispy thousand layer pancakes would be a very nice idea for yet healthier meal. A combination of orange and cardamom could be an idea for foodies who have a sweet tooth. But first, good reduction in an oven. And then, have your way. You could already get the point. It’s based on couscous leftover makeover recipes. The thing is, adjust the whole moisture content in your food. It practically holds all the aces, no exaggeration. 
Even if there’s still some leftover in your pot, you still don’t need to worry. You could make samosas or nacho chip casserole. Using a hand blender, make all ingredients well mingled. In case of making samosas, I highly recommend reducing them. And then, use it for the basis of samosa filling. With other spice treat, make it flavorful at your pace.
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  1. It might be useful to add potatoes, green peas and besan to that. Besan should be the last ingredient in any case. Just as you know, tangy pickle chicken curry could go well with them. You could just put minced pickles into the filling too. 
    In case of making nacho chip casserole, using minced beef and shallot chops would be the best. Add the browned beef, reduced shallot chops and extra seasoning/spice blend to the sauce. Simmer for a while to make the flavor come through. And then, just make nacho chip casserole. You hardly can believe it’s with leftover. 
    Use your food up. You’ve already held the baby, your apple! Just find out a better balance.
    Trivially, the last two pieces of chicken breast was taken by my partner as a main part of wrap sandwiches, and then, here came cheesy goodness. He has normally no chance to have wrap sandwiches made with the well spiced chicken breast, but there’s spare for him at this time of year. Cut to the chase, the combination will work out for you too. If you have leftover chicken from that, wrap it up! With Boston lettuce sliced, arugula, slightly sweet onion sauce, avo mayo, sriracha sauce, by all means.
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  2. The 17th day of my Advent tea calendar.
    This is the second time I brew royal blend tea from Advent calendar of this year, that’s one of the reasons chocolate pieces made a little different tea time.
    Maltitol free, stevia sweetened, 70% dark chocolate with almonds, I think this would be the very best accompaniment for this tea. Flavor wise, better than 99% dark chocolate because it does melt and dissolve quicker in the mouth relatively. Besides, the distinctive sweetness of stevia could make it more exceptional in case of pairing with black tea. And, It turned out very clearly they were dancing around a fabulous combination for each other. 
    There is no guarantee everything from natural material entirely does have an edge over artificial matters. Still, it might be safe to say it usually makes sense inasmuch as blowing it up the sugar alternatives. At least, it has been considered as a reasonable decision that natural sweetener based stuff might be better as a more general way for many people to avoid typical side effects such as feeling nauseous and sudden headaches.
    Allulose and Lakanto would be an idea to prevent from very unpleasant sickness followed by practical damage, much more than feeling sick/inconvenience, but both are sorts of new stuff relatively. Mostly, I do use them as ingredients in baking, not so much ready to serve food. Quite limited in option, to top it off, mostly, bringing out the best in them could be not enough to took it in the bag on many sides. Time would set the seal on confirmed market inclination to consume store bought food made with them someday.

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