Whole Wheat Chicken Sandwiches & Genmaicha with Allspice Lebkuchen . . Whole whe…

Whole Wheat Chicken Sandwiches & Genmaicha with Allspice Lebkuchen
Whole wheat roasted barley tea bread, roasted chicken breast with a dash of perilla oil, a touch of yeast extract, a hint of chickpea butter, thin English cucumber slices, arugula, an over easy egg without oil, yogurt avocado mayo dressing and smoked paprika infused extra virgin olive oil.
The bread was made by my partner. Nutty, earthy, grainy and absolutely comforting. The bread was the gist of the meal. Reached out. Here comes the real skinny again! This is a kind of loads better than mine, admittedly.
I love to eat my own bread, including bread alternatives, mine has nothing on his at times. Even though he is likely not a tea person, still he does know what it takes to bring out the best in teas. Classic him, that really works. All the time!
The 16th day of my Advent calendar.
Genmaicha, quite a famous specialty of Japanese tea rep list. You could have heard about a popcorn tea. That is an alternative name of this tea. Basically a mixture of roasted brown rice and green tea, so it usually tastes grainy and very warming. At times, there are variations combined with matcha or hojicha. This tea blend was made out of a typical genmaicha, down the middle. Honestly, I’m a hojicha kind of person, still it was pleasant. If you have a taste for genmaicha, this blend likely works for you.
Lebkuchen from the assorted pack. Other flavors of lebkuchen have already let me be pleased, so I wasn’t so sure this lebkuchen could give me delightful experience before I’ve tried it. Even though I’m used to the spiceful goodness I feel on the never gets tired basis naturally when it comes to the flavor of allspice. Cut to the chase, it was a sheer delight. It might be a thing people like or dislike, it should not be ended up in a non event or taken before a right paid off in its regard though. The mighty allspice with nutty footing, that’s the part that got me. I felt it right there! It was so close to the best part of the tea time.ย 
Thankfully, allspice lebkuchen was yet milder than gingerbread flavored one. My partner ate up two without a hitch. He looked a little proud of himself, that was a blast ๐Ÿ˜‚

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