Mexican Touch Chicken Breast Broccoli Tagine & Royal Blend Tea with Lebkuchen . …

Mexican Touch Chicken Breast Broccoli Tagine & Royal Blend Tea with Lebkuchen
This is a low carb version of tomato tagine with a Mexican touch of adding taco seasoning blend and ground chipotle, crossing between Algerian and Moroccan style. Absolutely warming and hearty, great for winter. You could choose beef/lamb over chicken for way savory taste. It will turn out nicely.
You could take a way traditional approach for North African tomato stew by using chickpeas. Both sweet potatoes and potatoes would be a likely idea for earthy goodness.
As for carb options, not only fine couscous and but also acini di pepe pasta will be great as a condiment. Also, using a beaten egg for a thickener would be a good idea. In that case, you could just match buttery pastry/pancakes with your gooey stew. 
Speaking of which, I mean, adding acini di pepe to a tomato based and saucy dish and using eggs to make the dish gooey, have you ever tried Chourba M’katfa? It’s quite a hearty and catchy soup/stew/stewoup. If you’re looking for a warm you up recipe for these cold days, I highly recommend giving it a shot. As basically pretty much versatile, not that difficult to make your own favorite. One thing, If you have an option for courgette, you could put them into your soup. Overall, It will come out nicely. 
>The recipe is on the comment thread. If needed, see attached. The second will be yours.
The 14th day of my Advent tea calendar.
Royal Blend tea with Lebkuchen. The tea is a truly classic piece of English tea rep list. It’s safe to say time tested blend. You already could figure out the reason of reaching the age of more than 100 years. 
Lebkuchen is one of presents from my little sister 👯‍♀️ Dusted Gingerbread flavor and dark chocolate coated gingerbread flavor from 4 flavors variety pack.
Nürenberg, Meistersinger, yes, I can blow it up the famous German opera to pull it out the specifically very pleasant aria and several nice 90s suspense/mystery novels, I’m not sure this feed could get somewhere 🤔
In a nutshell, it was quite a great combination. Lebkuchen was a nice accompaniment for Royal Blend tea, outstanding in itself though. 
>Continued on the comment thread

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22 thoughts on “Mexican Touch Chicken Breast Broccoli Tagine & Royal Blend Tea with Lebkuchen . …

  1. Reduced sweetness, sugars with sugar alternatives, corn syrup free, apple jam made from apple and pectine. After I read all description, the summary came up. It was merely a part of the session. 
    Once I’ve had a bite of that, catchy seasonal delight came through. Incredibly elaborate and festive flavor. Fully spiced orange, refreshing and nutty goodness alternately. So well balanced on every single level, that made it all work.
    Crispy outside, airy and never light inside that. Slightly chewy texture came up afterwards. Rye did a great job. Besides, considering nutrition facts label and the feature of that in action, I guess tree nuts hit about one third point of the whole. It makes sense, plus, cashew nuts took a featured role in there. Cashew nuts have room for the others, both the other tree nuts and spice treat, I think the wonderful flavor hinged on that.
    As for the spice blend, it was perfect for me. So called Christmas spice blend keep it clover. Honey, allspice, coriander, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, orange peel, mace, walnuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and others. 
    Nothing like strong sweetness. Slightly sweet yet very spiceful. To top it off, that exceptional smoky aftertaste! What a nice kick. Even though not spicy spicy stuff, apparently truly spiceful even stimulating thing. My partner was sticking at his coffee after two, keeping telling me spicy and a kick 😂
    Dark chocolate coated one was great too. Never greasy or oily, I think quite fine. 
    As for the coffee pot, this is quite an exceptional case on every single level. If you have a thing for an antique coffee pot, you can tell it.
    Basically, side handled shape type would be a likely something else. In case of leaving out typically oriental design, there is no doubt of holding water. On that, Circa 1890s, mint condition. A very nice one of my favorite Ahrenfeldt Limoges selection.
    >Continued on the 2nd comment

  2. • Chicken Breast Broccoli Tagine with a Mexican twist
    1. To prepare chicken breast
    ▶️2.4 lb chicken breast
    You could take diced chicken breast to your liking. Just a side, I usually opt for whole chicken breast so that it will be kept meaty flavor. Slicing it using knife and fork or pulling it with fork, either way, it will be absolutely great. Just make the chicken saucy by all means. Riddled with flavorful goodness. You barely could keep your serving size even if you would hold it at bay!
    ▶️6 tsp. lemon juice
    ▶️12 tsp. white wine vinegar
    ▶️Fresh water
    □ Combine chicken breast with a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar. Keep it for about 30 min at room temperature. You don’t want to add salt to the chicken.
    □ Rinse well and pat the chicken. And then, brown. Remove it from the pot.
    Chicken marination would be a key to get up the tasty chicken.
    Just as you know, in some ways, specifically from a viewpoint of national centerism based cuisine, this method might be not exactly overlaid with the traditional way of preparing chicken for cooking. It will definitely work well, to top it off, there’s a good reason in there. I posted about that, from the complicated cultural setting to the symbolic significance of chicken in Moroccan cuisine, many times in spades, it might as well take a rain check.
    2. Pan frying
    ▶️15 garlic cloves chopped
    ▶️1 large sized onion chopped
    ▶️1/8 tsp. Kosher salt
    □ Put garlic to the pot. Cook until fragrant.
    □ Add onion to the garlic. Make it sweat. And then, add 1/8 tsp. salt. Cook until completely reduced.
    ▶️1 bunch of CURLEY parsley chopped
    Adding bitterness to the food, it has been considered as a forgotten flavoring way. Still, it could carry it off. Take a shot!
    ▶️4 celery ribs
    You don’t need to cut up the entire leaves. That part should be added to the pot, which means this recipe requires using not only the stick but also the leaves(head).
    ▶️1/8 tsp. salt
    □ Put parsley and celery to the pot. Mingle all ingredients using a spatula. After mingled well, put 1/8 tsp. salt. Pull the moisture of veggies out.
    ▶️1 tsp. ground chipotle
    ▶️1 green hot pepper chopped
    You can take harissa instead of green hot pepper to your liking.

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