Herby Scone and Matcha Scone with meaty garlic gravy finished off with Breakfast…

Herby Scone and Matcha Scone with meaty garlic gravy
finished off with Breakfast Blend tea
The Third Sunday of Advent 🕯🕯🕯
After pantry reorganization, a light high tea. Herb & matcha scone with gravy instead of steak and kidney pie. Butter milk based scone and butter based scone respectively.
Herby scone was made with fresh CHIVES minced, ground parsley, dried thyme, TARRAGON, basil, a dash of rosemary water and little amaranth flour.
Matcha scone was made with a hint of almond flour, ROSE WATER and white cheese.
A pairing of white sausage gravy and scone/biscuits would be the most popular idea for savory goodness. At times, my kind of version is with the most basic brown gravy though. Aside from pepper, well cooked garlic is one of nice options, the featured sweetness of garlic does yield a superb meal. Overall, it really goes well with these scones. You could choose lamb over beef.
A good slice of stollen and mint tea with lemon juice worked so nicely even though not shown in pictures. Perfectly terrific layering as stollen becomes flavorful. I posted why stollen could be the very nice way to count up towards the days before Christmas on my page. If needed, see my feed of the second Sunday of Advent.
Generally, verveine menthe(verbena mint) tea will be a great idea for stollen. Besides with preserved lemon/lemon juice, it would be a nice idea to reduce winter sickness. A pairing of lemon and verbena is great for summer, absolutely right for winter too. Just to note, really goes well with mince pies and galette des rois(a.k.a. Epiphany pie). You could just give it a go. 
And then, finished off with Breakfast Blend tea. Normally, 99% chocolate chips would be the very best idea to figure out the perfect aftertaste for me. This tea made me go still though. Such a refreshing wake up call that no need to be searching some way to fill it in. I really didn’t have a choice both for answer and question, not now, not then. It would work for you too.
I often drink that tea to look after myself. That’s from my grandma.

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13 thoughts on “Herby Scone and Matcha Scone with meaty garlic gravy finished off with Breakfast…

  1. Her favorite winter warming taste used to turned me over to just a laid back little girl and very busy granddaughter catching up on my grandma’s stories at the same time. She has never been a teller, she really has a kind aura  factored by her own heritage and legacies though. She gave me a chance to do it up my own timeline using my strengths and weaknesses. On that, what it takes to fill them out, mostly focusing on how to use advantages and disadvantages of so many things. 
    She has really enjoyed to make use of all things. Not only her own position in our family but also all achievement, including the whole cultural setting and her own heritage, she had pulled them up to buffer several belief systems, all those family conflicts. Finding out an answer to a question or problem, being alert to keep my composure, mending a bridge to get up, not fix. She’s the one who committed Yule to some sort of stability all of us complied with and reached it out a kind of sanctuary. Looking it back, I think she is still one kind of person. That’s one of the reasons I carried it off a whole new life with just my grandma. Living away from other family members out of the blue, not easy for a little girl as often. Thanks to her, I didn’t lose myself. After just few year from that, I’ve started my own journey moving out to a whole new environment : I’m not going to take a diction of using a word of start over as it was nothing like that. At times, there are good cases which turned out different type of pulling up as expected.
    Anyway, I was very close to my grandma, still she is an important and inspiring person to me. I’ve been affected a lot by her. A preference for spice mix/blend, swell of pleasures from tea and tea time both with others and by alone, aside from, tisane verveine, Yule block, Mid Autumn celebration, Midwinter sewing scissors and so on. I wasn’t able to spend any birthday with her this year like many people, still not okay with that 🤦‍♀️

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