Well Done Oyster Blade Steak and salad with meaty garlic gravy & Elder Flower Wi…

Well Done Oyster Blade Steak and salad with meaty garlic gravy
& Elder Flower Wild Strawberry and Rose Tea with sugar free chocolate candies, toasted chickpeas and cacao nibs
A Saturday early dinner for quality time with my partner.
This meal opened right up. Bring it in, bursting with satisfying goodness. It has something to do with keeping my pace for good. Intermittent fasting could bring it out food obsession. Making it slow for a nice milestone. I’m just one of them who don’t want to allow their cravings for food to get better of themselves.
I normally opt for a steak with many different accompaniments, I just focused on doing it up the oyster blade cut though.
Go well done! That will be the triumph of your oyster blade cut of beef. Greater than most, indeed. Well done steak has been considered likely stuff people like or dislike, but this should be counted another case. This was a very nice enjoying staple session by that.
In case of oyster blade cut, I highly recommend cooking well done, without any spice treat. All others would be a less likely idea. Connective tissue in the middle of the cut would make you so annoyed as often. Overall, it will turn out fairly good, I’m telling you.
Probably that’s one of the reasons so many chefs recommend choosing flat iron cut rather than oyster blade cut in the first place. If you’re looking for steak luscious but just melting away, forget about all what I said as it’s not for you. If you have a thing for slimy, rich, juicy and meaty steak, you could take a shot. It will seem cross between chewy texture and stringy texture. 
This cut is basically different to flat iron cut, even though two cuts derived out of the same part. Aside from details, it is what it is. How to use resources, the way presented, including a presentation. 
What it takes to get a good steak using this cut, I’d already talked a lot on my page, so that I’ll not run miles along the details.
The 12th days of my Advent tea calendar. Elder Flower Strawberry and Rose Infusion Tea with a good accompaniment.
Before starting, chocolate candies are store bought sweet treat.
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12 thoughts on “Well Done Oyster Blade Steak and salad with meaty garlic gravy & Elder Flower Wi…

  1. Chocolate candies are not my cup of tea, besides, it has been a long time since they are counted as a very small part of emergency food supply when I’m traveling inconvenient area full on out of service. On that, all candies have always been combined with dried beans and cacao nibs by my parents to avoid blood sugar issue. Back then, there is a limit of options for sugar alternatives, and subtle conflicting because our body will be influenced in many ways. Especially on the condition difficult to stay hydrated, it could be worse. I was for the opinion, and, I still think it makes sense. Traveling with headaches, nobody wants that. Besides, it could be useful to keep your snack time way delightful. You could choose mixed snack over just chocolate candies to yet healthier way. No need to make it a full variety pack of that. You won’t need them in spades, without a hitch. Because it will help you savor both the acting of chewing and all condiments. 
    I still think it’s quite reasonable, that’s one of the reason it turns out my final call, which means, I have no motivation and means to figure out my own formula for chocolate candies. But I can tell it, considering all my experience about sugar alternatives for cooking and baking, these candies would be one of the most challenging stuff in case of being made from scratch.
    The demitasse cup and saucer came from Tashkent. I bounced back and forth between the two, three different types of cup and saucer sets or a pretty much nice tagine, but the cup design of candles and butterflies eventually made my mind up. There are a few trivia I’d like to share, some other time.
    Apple and hibiscus hit a large percent of that, besides strawberry leaves, nettle, rose hip, rose petals, strawberry pieces, elder flowers and so on. This is obviously factored by an English summer garden taste as the description, after all it settled down by coming around to winter taste. Yule was real after, not quite to the Yule Ball interlude, somehow. Compared to other popular hedge species such as blackthorn, as the very pleasant flavor of versatile adaptations, it was being close to very typical bright and summer alignment.

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