Whole Wheat Rye Bread Sandwich with Vinaigrette Salad, Yellow Hot Peppers and Dr…

Whole Wheat Rye Bread Sandwich with Vinaigrette Salad, Yellow Hot Peppers and Dried Cape Gooseberries
& Assam TGFOP tea with Sour Peach Sticky Candies free from sugar alcohols
Meatless Friday. It has been quite a while since I’ve opted for meatless Monday over meatless Friday, now I’m here though. It’s important to me as it would be likely deeply connected with the way I’ve been dealing with value conflicts at all times.
This sandwich was made from an over easy egg without oil, marinated artichoke hearts quartered, harissa dressing, fresh arugula, refined sugar free bread and a tiny bit of Mozzarella.
My partner baked the bread for me, instead of usual sandwich bread. Most of the dough consisted of mostly whole wheat and a bit of rye, refined sugar and sugar alcohol free. It was made with Stevia and Allulose, according to him.
Clearly, kind of quite a big loaf, in addition, compared to white wheat bread made with sugar, the inside this bread is really filled like a fully stuffed bun. That’s one of the reasons it has been considered as even healthier than highly evaporated bread in itself. Given both nutrition facts and hidden sugar effects, it’s a fact.
I made the bread light like a baguette by removing the inside of the bread so that it would likely hold it at bay an upset stomach. I’ve driven on the bridge, which means I really need to keep myself driven as my own pace. The remaining part of that would be kept for a while for another day’s casserole.
For good measure, it let me take a chance to indulge myself with amusement for me, like a taking forty winks. For this reason, I scored the outside of the bread after I made it hallow. And then, a hint of cheese covered the top of the bread to avoid a completely dried up lid. I don’t recommend leaving cheese out. If things go wrong, the lid can’t let you divide into 4 equal parts. Most of all, it will make a lot of mess.
My hands were in charge of the upside, like eating pull apart buns. Serving food with hands, I’m originally not a fan of that, but it made me very amused.
On the other hand, my knife and fork did a great job for the open sandwich.
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22 thoughts on “Whole Wheat Rye Bread Sandwich with Vinaigrette Salad, Yellow Hot Peppers and Dr…

  1. Certainly simple and basic, it’s probably counted as so called rustic food for many people. It’s what exactly I needed though.
    As for figures and features of this bread, texture wise, less than fluffy, but very filling and dense in a good way. Slightly chewy texture came up afterward. The crust is not crispy, but sticking to that part, it could be not the ideal to bring it out the best leaning of it. The triumph of it would be super moist the inside of the bread.
    Nutty, earthy, catchy and absolutely warming. I just had one, can tell it, very nutritious and wholesome food. One of the top staples with a healthy approach, on that, with other condiments, I was swooning over it by keeping it bay any waste. Such an inviting goodness. It was a great meal like knives and forks. 
    Appearance wise, not exactly reminding hot cross pulled buns, good enough. Hot cross buns or The Bible soup with noodles or Kibbet el Raaheb(a.k.a. Lebanese Monk’s soup) for Good Friday treat, less than kind of this or that mission to me as my family tradition. Nothing beats from my standpoint.
    Speaking of which, I’ve posted my versions of both the lentil noodle soup and the Lebanese lentil bulgur balls soup recipes and other variations in details on my page. If needed, you could just look out log. It would be one of good ideas to keep your plant based diet tasty.
    And then, the meal was finished off with Assam TGFOP tea which is the 11th tea of my Advent tea calendar. It’s not the first time I brewed this tea, this tea did pull all the aces. It was memorable in itself and really went well with sticky sour peach candies. There’s good room for sweetness in the tea, plus, it’s basically strong yet less than stimulating. Never woody or leafy. It’s safe to say this is highly clear and elegant. The stronger, the better. With sour peach candies, it was nice after brunch tea.
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  2. As for sticky candies free from added refined sugars and sugar alcohols, these do have an edge over others. Before starting, I’m not the one who made them. Making from scratch is one of my major creeds, but these candies would be quite demanding stuff in case you make them yourself. On that, It’s much more than just a highly low sugar friendly option.
    Low calories, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners added sugar free, reduced sweetness, packed with dietary fibers : clearly better than usual holiday candies made with spiced and flavored pears. For sure, it couldn’t be a perfect replacement.
    It would be one of nice pivots as to the likely vault to keep things in moderation during the intermittent fasting. We all have our reasons, even so, there is a common thread which requires to be prepared ourselves. Needs, cravings and indulgence. I’m trying to give an equal amount of attention to each for the intermittent fasting. 
    Even though I have no sugar alcohol issue or a sugar alcohol allergy, compared to usual conditions, this should be another case relatively. Making individual terms and building routine kind of something at the same time by using organized contents, that’s the whole point. Nobody really wants to open the gate. Calories, nutrients, blood sugar and so on, it was good in ways more than one from that standpoint.
    I hope this would be helpful for you.

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