Garlicky Leek Potato Arugula Turkey Ham Konjac Pasta Rhubarb Raspberry and Nettl…

Garlicky Leek Potato Arugula Turkey Ham Konjac Pasta
Rhubarb Raspberry and Nettle Infusion Tea
Cleaning out the pantry and fridge at the same time. But such an amazing thing came out of that. So classic clam juice leek chowder, on that, potatoes dice, turkey ham, high purity wide konjac fettuccine, a bunch of garlic cloves and arugula. Oven finished composition to reduction. Lastly, garnished with ground black pepper.
No waste, no waste for taste, and, full of flavor. It was a very satisfying meal for midweek in itself. To top it off, nice for a good start into IF periods until the first day of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about fat loss or weight management!
The seventh day of my Advent tea calendar.
This tea is designed to hibiscus based blend. I felt right in place on sipping just a little. It was my cup of tea. Anything but manufactured vibes, I mean it. If you’re looking for fruity yet never pungent tea, you could just give it a go. It will give you a chance to enjoy the irresistible feeling of your favorite scent being so close. It’s kind of a bright clarity which stands by mellow longing. Possibly, like saudade.
A combination of strawberry and nettle run through the basis of this tea.
Nettle has often been considered for many people as a typical thing people like or dislike, there is no need to worry about that, I guess. If you have a thing for nettle, well, once you’ve taken a sip, the gear would likely start turning both in your taste buds and mind. It will be very natural, not neutral at all.
Nettle is quite familiar to me as an ingredient for tea and biscuits, so I’m quite satisfied. Overall, it could be one of the best blend from my Advent tea calendar of this year because the flavor of the tea reminded me of midwinter. I’d like to use a few grains of my favorite for another variation. A strong bolt of Lapsang souchong tea with a touch of coffee berry tea, it would be a likely way to alter that for my liking. 
The outcome will bring it out humid mornings of tall mountains in Taiwan. Channeling is originally quite far away from what I do with tea, even so, I could use any means to put it mildly. 
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17 thoughts on “Garlicky Leek Potato Arugula Turkey Ham Konjac Pasta Rhubarb Raspberry and Nettl…

  1. After Epiphany, I’m going to take a shot besides with Albanian nettle pastry. It could be a sort of new rallying point for way too long winter.
    I like the cardinal as it’s simply Christmassy. In a similar vain, bird’s nest ornaments make me pleased. There is enough room to enjoy many different variations though! One of the daily pleasures of the Advent season, it would be a key to get close to a positive affinity. This kind of winding up for tea time could be a distinctive possibility in aligning neck deep values for being a better version of me. My own mannerism with a touch of a tiny twist, a favorite of mine as nothing like trying to mend bridge with others. I always do feel it down to my bones. I think I got an inherent need to walk that path as the way I am.

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