Stollen with Assam TGFOP tea . . The Second Sunday of Advent The sixth day of A…

Stollen with Assam TGFOP tea
The Second Sunday of Advent 🕯️🕯️
The sixth day of Advent tea calendar. Assam TGFOP, this full bodied robust tea yielded to an exceptional breakfast just as the description of the tea. It’s great as an ideal accompaniment for sophisticated breakfast. Even though not the best one to me, I can see it, definitely worth a try. To top it off, it really went well with indescribably flavorful stollen.
As for the stollen, this batch is yet smaller than the traditional weihnachtesstollen as seen. It weighed up to just 400g(under 1 lb), about half of the commonly popularized batch these days. Given no leftover rule for holidays sweet treats, it should be made out of the most reasonable batch for two, still it makes me feel a little sorry about that. Anyway, health and safety should be the first priority. So be it.
It came out nicely but nothing like a sleeping baby at all, feature wise, because of the minimized volume of bread dough. I tried, but we all have our limits inasmuch as all workpieces should be taken as a given. Even so, it’s rewarding to cut in halves and start to eat from the middle of that. 
A nice slice of fruit and marzipan filled goodness for good dose! Vanilla bean infused rum had worked for mixed dried fruit in about a year, and then, Lady Earl Grey tea blend infused rose rum has served for a week. But using foshougan, that’s the key to bring out the mighty refreshing break. Have you ever tried foshougan? I opt to use it for Osmanthus flavored tea so that it would be a truly citrusy goodness with a kick. Herbal taste, slightly pungent aftertaste and a warming characteristic. Foshougan has been considered as a useful ingredient of many folk remedies to cure winter sickness for many people. This is one of so called Chinese hot food pairing stuff.
Reduced wheat content in the whole bread so that no leftover rule could be kept because that would be a likely factor to bring it out serving sizes matter eventually. Plus, it’s for a kind of compensation in some ways. It would be better to skip Panforte this year. It wasn’t an easy call, but needed. Overall, quite satisfying.
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17 thoughts on “Stollen with Assam TGFOP tea . . The Second Sunday of Advent The sixth day of A…

  1. I kept the bread for about a week, so once I’ve cut it into halves, the slightly chewy texture came after the blade. It becomes better till the fourth day of Advent. That’s one of the reasons Rye Pu-erh tea based dough has worked for other cases all the time.
    Marzipan got the genuine sugar for a festive look. A large perfect of that in the whole batch, compared to the original recipe, it hit around a half point relatively. On that, made with a bit of Allulose to fill it out for ideal texture. I think it would be the best. Using Maltitol kind of things for a refined sugar free option is not that healthy not as much expected as it will drive your blood sugar crazy. The rest part of bread was adapted by my own favorite blend for refined sugar free formula based on a few types of sugar substitution and alternatives. Powdered sugar was substituted with a mixture of Stevia coated Erythritol and wheat flour though.
    Pandoro, Panettone, Panforte, Linzer cookies, Stollen, Lebkuchen, Vánočka and so on. There are many different bread/pastry ideas to count up towards the days before Christmas, even if you completely rule it out Three Kings related stuff for Epiphany. It’s up to your liking. Have your way, enjoy 🤗
    As for sugar alternatives and substitutions, mostly the popular and practical classification from standpoint of category recognition of sugar alcohol and others, I’ve already talked a lot so many times, besides, it would be likely settled down a kind of brand/series name mariachi after all. If it’s lined with general skimming, after all nothing but a non event. So, I will omit it this time for each case.
    I’m given to staying in meaningful values at this time of year. All those by birth, citizenship, immigrant generations, adoption, degrees, majors, languages, occupation, calls, career, profession, my own family and my partner’s family. I’m proud of myself. Every single part of my life made me a better person. That’s the reason I stick to focus on a larger sense of beauty which could redeem all heritages deeply related to myself, not just legacies to judgmental confirmation bias.

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