Chamomile and Bee Pollen Infusion Tea accompanied by a pure cane sugar stick . H…

Chamomile and Bee Pollen Infusion Tea
accompanied by a pure cane sugar stick
Happy birthday to me!
The third day of my Advent Tea Calendar treated me incredibly well. Great for not only an all nighter but also a birthday girl.
La bâtonnet de canne à sucre candi. The pure cane sugar stick bouquet is one of presents from my little sister 👯‍♀️ I enjoyed my early morning tea with composure for this beautiful French tea/coffee condiment. It’s quite nice one to me anyhow. It hardly fails me inasmuch as it’s likely to be ed by sentimental value, which means does come with some important things. Even though sweetness in food isn’t in my individual sense of indulgence, it will redeem fabulous and precious moments. It’s been crystal clear, a social significance.
Just to note, the distinctive taste will go well with robusta beans based blend/robusta drip coffee. Vietnamese robusta coffee is one of the very best options, specifically for summer taste. Take a few ice cubes, pour the coffee over the ice. And then, make it mingled by using a cane sugar stick. Adding a tiny bit of pounded salt to the ice cubes, it might be better than using fresh water for the ice. It’s up to you.
But you should use a fine FOR POTTERY for this composition, rather than ceramic. Dense, stable, stone-like porcelain will keep your coffee time very pleasant. One other thing, you should pour the coffee in the middle of the cup. Melting and dissolving in the same breath. That’s the whole point.
Besides with the most wonderful gift from my partner who has fallen asleep on the couch. I allowed him to drink just a liqueur glass of his favorite wine last night, even so, he seems very satisfied apparently. We both are in a middle ground between the end of a day and the first half of the day. The birthday sleepover had been expected to be a fabulous celebration, it was really great. One of daily pleasures in these tough times, but truly exceptional one too. To top it off, I’m still a birthday girl.
It’s almost time to dress up. No hurry, no rush, keep it nice 💓💓

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