Moroccan Mint Tea & Air Fryer Fried Chicken . . The second day of Tea Advent Cal…

Moroccan Mint Tea & Air Fryer Fried Chicken
The second day of Tea Advent Calendar. Moroccan Mint tea, a favorite of mine. Also, great for a wake up call.
Onion pattern is normally not my cup of tea, (typical) blue or not, but this red onion pattern makes me feel more motivated. I have no idea why it works, it’s quite clear to give me good inspiration though. Possibly, the color of magenta has a big role in there, I guess.
Mostly, creamer and sugar bowl both are tea canister kind of things for me. At this time of year, it could join a tea time table for a teaspoon because silky tea bags bring up remnants as often.
As for the chicken, it was made out of pantry cleaning out part 5.
I chose fried chicken over deviled eggs for remainings of fermented tofu(a.k.a. Chinese spicy bean curd) makeover this year, it turned out so well. This is warm-you-up chicken! Given the outcome, rewarding to rule it out the first rule of way healthier chicken recipes, using skin off chicken.
Marinated in Chinese fermented tofu, tandoori garam masala mix and fine ground white pepper. The thing is, you should stuff chicken skin with the seasoned tofu. Particularly the thighs. It will come out nicely.
Butter milk based batter for savory goodness. A touch of whey isolated unflavored for yet better crispiness. I highly recommend choosing air fryer frying rather than deep frying so that it could be reduced altogether. Overall, already quite far away from wet rub preparation, so it seems nothing special. Apparently, it will make a huge difference in many ways. It would give you an option to make it well fixed as to full contact reduction.
Every single bit of batter and seasoning should be combined with all the fat of the skin under highly poised for dry heat. It will bring it out the divine chicken like a theme reorganizing.
No exaggeration, it was super delicious chicken. Not so much a big personal victory yet because not enough to organize it as a recipe, still perfect as A exceptional brunch. Aromatic, crispy, luscious, melting in the mouth, even saucy. Phenomenal!
We both have no chance to take more pics. Eat them up, digging. That is the only way we got. The chicken did beat.

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  1. I’ll go again for the recipe to jazz it up, but it should be just some other time. Too persuasive, I can’t give credit for myself, I mean it. Everything in moderation, so I should nip it in the bud 🤭

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