Chicken Breast Baked Beans . . Reduced sweetness to a healthier variation. It’s …

Chicken Breast Baked Beans
Reduced sweetness to a healthier variation. It’s clear, smooth, luscious and full of beans. Practically this is one of wholesome breakfast/brunch ideas.
Good for any foodie who is looking for warming and comforting food. Great as a main, a side dish, an accompaniment, even for a condiment. If you’d like to go a light but hearty recipe, take this for an option. Lean chicken pairs well with this, but Italian chicken sausage will go nicely too.
>The recipe will begin right after the 3rd paragraph. If needed, you could just jump to there.
This recipe has no molasses or syrup, overall it will really go nicely. But it’s up to you. Just as you know, unsweetened runny soy sauce(which is nothing like dumpling vinegar! That will become really bitter.) pairs well with maple syrup. If you have a thing for Chinese stir try, specifically sweet and sour dishes, you could just adjust it to your food. Simply amazing, it will never fail you.
I always match this version of baked beans with hot lemony Hibiscus Earl Grey tea. The stronger, the better. It really goes well. Refreshing Hibiscus tea and citrusy typically flavored black tea, it’s a really great combination in itself. Better than bouillon literally.
I highly recommend using 6g Hibiscus tea leaves and 4g Earl Grey tea leaves per 400g water at least. It will be great for 2 servings.
• Chicken Breast Baked Beans
I. Ingredients
▶️1 cup tomato paste
▶️1/2 cup Dijon mustard original type
▶️1/2 cup fresh water
▶️2+1/2 cups canned navy beans, drained and rinsed
▶️2 tsp. dried leeks
▶️2 tsp. unsweetened runny soy sauce
▶️1 tsp. dried parsley
▶️1 tbsp. drippings
You could substitute it with 1 tsp. liquid chicken stock diluted with 2 tbsp. fresh water
▶️230g chicken breast chopped
You could just choose bacon slices in halves.
▶️1 large sized onion chopped
In case using bacon instead of chicken, cut an onion into very thin slices. It might be better. 
▶️Ground pepper and kosher salt to season
● As for options
1. For chicken breast chopped
Option 1 – coconut soy sauce for chicken breast
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11 thoughts on “Chicken Breast Baked Beans . . Reduced sweetness to a healthier variation. It’s …

  1. 2. For bacon slices in halves
    Option 1 – a hint of maple syrup
    It will be the best.
    Option 2 – flavored barbecue sauce such as smoky hickory flavored sauce
    Option 3 – molasses and steak seasoning mix
    Pomegranate molasses will be a good option.
    II. Method
    ◻Take a large bowl. Assemble 1C tomato paste, 1/2C Dijon mustard original type, 2ts unsweetened runny soy sauce, 1ts dried parsley, 2ts dried leeks and ground pepper. Mix the all ingredients altogether.
    ◻Drain canned beans. Add the rinsed beans to the bowl, set aside.
    ◻Take a pot. Brown the chicken breast chops. Remove it from the pot.
    ◻Pour the diluted chicken stock in the pot, make it completely dissolved.
    ◻Put the onion to the pot. Cook, until fragrant. Add 1/8ts kosher salt and 1/4ts ground pepper. Make it brown, stirring in together. 
    ◻Add the chicken to the pot. Combine it with others. Put ground pepper and salt.
    In case of using bacon, you should skip it.
    ◻Take a lasagna pan or baker. Put the beans to the ovenproof pan. Make it even. And then, cover with the mixture of onion and chicken chops.
    In case using bacon, sprinkle onion slices first. And then cover with bacon.
    ◻Preheat an oven to 375F. 
    ◻Slide the pan to the oven. Reduce the heat to 347F. Bake, covered using teflon sheet, for about 80 min. After done, keep it for about 5 min in the oven.
    In case using a cooking foil, you should cook for 30 min covered, and then give it another 30 min uncovered.
    In case using bacon slices in halves, make it run 375F at all times. It will be much better. Plus, you don’t need to be torn between cooking foil and teflon sheet. There are already many fat in the top layer, so that just make it crispy. That’s all you need.

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