Butter Milk Based White Cheddar Two Berry Scone with Ti Kuan Yin tea in drip cof…

Butter Milk Based White Cheddar Two Berry Scone with Ti Kuan Yin tea in drip coffee
The First Sunday of Advent. To a fresh start of something good 🕯️
Even though I opened it up my new 2020 calendar as my own family tradition, hardly can believe we’re only a month away from 2021 though. Nothing’s clear yet, life must go on somehow.
Fresh from my oven! Instead of Pandoro and Panettone, the scones came up. It could be better fit for a small batch as both Pandoro and Panettone would be normally sweeter than Stollen. It turned out nicely. Just right for two who have a savory tooth. 
Crispy on the top, refreshing and moist inside. Not that buttery yet little bit fluffy. If you have a thing for scones, you could already seize what I’m trying to say. 
Butter milk and a bit of butter worked so hard rather than butter sticks. It was for the balance so that it could cover it up the sugar coat. For sure, the scone top was made out of a low sugar friendly option. Mostly stevia and finely powdered erythritol, besides with a touch of refined sugar. 
And then, rose rum cranberries and barberries to use it up leftovers, which means this is not the end! Stollen will catch up for Christmas countdown. Many different dried fruits combined with Rose Rum-Lady Earl Grey tea are almost done, literally on the way. 
Speaking of which, I’m going to stick to the diction of Lady Earl Grey tea even though it could make it explicit the specific brand. Quite outstanding and distinctive, on that, practically it has been considered as a respective section kind of stuff as often. It’s about another way to go, nothing but the categorization based on market feed, anything but the fundamental classification factored by material features. As it’s flavored tea, fair enough to be taken one of reasons. I’m for that. You’re worrying about deception kind of something, fair enough too. It could come up, makes sense. No offense, I’m just trying to take an approach for other options/alternatives/stances as many people often do.
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16 thoughts on “Butter Milk Based White Cheddar Two Berry Scone with Ti Kuan Yin tea in drip cof…

  1. As for the tea-coffee, possibly you’ve already enjoyed it for quite a while. I hope I would have a good chance to introduce it. Coffee with tea or tea with coffee, either way, it will keep your journey refreshing.
    Just to note, you could just skim it out Taiwanese variations often close to the tea with coffee for many options. Hong Kong style coffee with tea is quite popular for many people, I know, Taiwanese style is clearly worth a try. Top 5 Taiwanese tea could add up to your wonderful experience. I highly recommend trying Oolong tea. High Mountain Oolong Tea, Dong Ding Oolong Tea, Ti Kuan Yin Tea(a.k.a. Tieguanyin Oolong Tea), all these would go well with coffee. Sour or smoky, clear or deep, lean or rich, floral or full bodied, either way, it generally turned out nicely. But it might be better to use drip coffee for it because it’s unlikely to go worse. It has an edge over others because not greasy or separated overall. Just keep it at bay the whole moisture content.
    Sun Moon Lake Black Tea could go well with coffee too, but it might be better to match it with sweet treat. Even great for all Taiwanese nougat treats, you could make use of it. It’s up to you though. Take a shot!

  2. That sounds like such a decadent and delicious treat! ❤️ Very interesting write-up on tea-coffee. 😊 I’m also a fan of oolong tea eversince a friend from UK gifted it to me a few years back. I make chai coffee when the weather gets too cold for an extra kick of caffeine.

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