Citrusy Grain Free Psyllium Whey Almond Gugelhupf served with fresh lemon juice …

Citrusy Grain Free Psyllium Whey Almond Gugelhupf
served with fresh lemon juice and Lady Earl Grey tea
C’est mon jeudredi! 😍 Happy Friday everyone 🤗🤗
Me time with citrusy goodness early in the morning 💖 I’m going to stick to the diction of Lady Earl Grey tea.
As for the bread, zero grain, refined sugar free, no oil or butter. Perfect for gluten and dairy free diet. Packed with good nutrients such as protein and dietary fiber.
This ‘bread’ and ordinary baking goods differ in many important ways. Compared to usual bread, this should be in line with another grain, features and taste wise, so naturally. It is what it is. Do not judge, judge on the flavor and nutrition facts!
• Nutrition facts
Per the half of it
Calories 336
Fat 16g
Protein 32g
Net carbs 4g
Sugar <2g >The recipe is on the comment thread. If needed, see attached. The second comment will be yours.
Instead of weekend pound cake, I baked this citrusy and healthy bread. Well, the genuine bread will come up for balanced diet, but this gugelhupf got its own table today! It’s called balance.
This is really refreshing, nutty and citrusy in the same breath. On that, very rich in texture. It would be a great plan to enjoy your Friday/weekend, even for holidays besides with a good twist such as icing and ganache. Just to note, whipped cream might be just fine.
Even if you get some leftover, no need to worry about that. Make use of it for other yumminess! Casserole or Andalusian gazpacho, either way, it will turn out nicely. If daylight saving time still works for you, I mean just normally, you should take a shot for Gazpacho. Swish, refreshing, filling and absolutely catchy gazpacho will come up.
As already taken, this is basically great for bread alternative. Clearly good as a nutritious meal supplement based on high protein diet for convenience, which means it can’t be counted as kind of sweet treat.
But you could make use of this formula for your indulgence. Adjust sweetness of the whole bread to your liking. This is another way to go, it will keep your diet well balanced. Go for it, get slow yet enjoyable food for sustainable diet. The aim of real real foodie life.
>Continued on the comment thread

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21 thoughts on “Citrusy Grain Free Psyllium Whey Almond Gugelhupf served with fresh lemon juice …

  1. Also, you could utilize it for coarse semolina-almond flour based cake variation. My favorite is Rose Pistachio Semolina Almond Cake(a.k.a. Persian favorite cake), it tastes really great and very pleasant. I hope there will be a good chance to post that version.

  2. • Citrusy Grain Free Psyllium Whey Almond Gugelhupf
    1. Ingredients
    ▶️4 beaten large sized free range eggs discarded egg bits
    This is the minimum suggestion. I highly recommend using 4 eggs for soft bread.
    You should use large sized 2 eggs per 30g whey+18g raw almond powder+18g psyllium husk at least if you have the outcome for likeable bread.
    If you’d like to make it for Gazpacho in the first place, possibly 3 eggs will work.
    ▶️1/8 tsp. kosher salt
    ▶️1 tsp. vanilla extract
    ▶️60g zero carb whey vanilla flavor
    In case of zero carb whey unflavored, I highly recommend adjusting the quantity of vanilla extract for way likeable outcome.
    For sure, you could choose low sugar whey isolated over zero carb type.
    ▶️36g raw almond COARSE powder
    ▶️18g+18g psyllium husk COARSE powder(18g at a time)
    Generally I highly recommend using coarse type of them. If you have a thing for filling texture, you should take it as a suggestion.
    ▶️6g baking powder
    ▶️2.4g arrow root flour
    If you can’t get this, just omit it. It won’t move the needle inasmuch as you use the outcome for bread strata.
    ▶️4 tbsp. lemon zest
    ▶️70g fresh lemon juice
    ▶️2 tbsp. orange water combined with 1/16 tsp. ground pepper
    ▶️Cooking oil to grease a pan
    If you bring it out a generous coat, it will make the contrast of your bread outstanding. Right after it’s done, you might be confused it seems too hard or tough. No need to rush though. Just give it a few min so that it get stable. As you often do, I mean, in making usual bread. A wonderful combination of crispness and tenderness will come up.
    Option 1 – 2 tbsp. orange zest
    Option 2 – a pairing of ground cardamom and syrup
    2. Method
    ◻ Grease a pan with cooking oil.
    ◻ Take a large bowl. Put 60g protein powder, 36g almond powder, 6g BP, 2.4g arrow root flour and 18g psyllium husk powder to bowl.
    ◻ Take the second bowl. Crack 4 eggs. DISCARD all egg bits, put 1/8 tsp. salt to the eggs. Using a hand whisk, beat well.
    ◻ Preheat an oven to 360F.
    ◻ Add vanilla extract to the second bowl.
    ◻ Add lemon zest to the first bowl. Get a good coat to the lemon zest to avoid a partial divide.
    >Continued on the reply

  3. What a lovely healthy version of bread u have made Lin 👏👏🍞 😋😋😋I’m really appreciating the citrus in this & perfectly paired with my favourite tea 🍵 👌😋🤤🤤❤️❤️

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