Grain Free Psyllium Whey Almond Bread Strata topped with rosemary flavored cream…

Grain Free Psyllium Whey Almond Bread Strata
topped with rosemary flavored cream cheese
accompanied by Italian chicken sausages & Italian classic tomato sauce, cacao nibs & pistachio nuts in lavender and mashed potatoes
Saturday breakfast me time early in the morning. The genuine bread strata for my partner, which is made with his own bread leftovers, is working in the oven. Meanwhile, I was indulging myself with my version of yumminess. Swooning it over all the way, you could take a shot.
Bread Strata, one of the simplest things to make on a weekend morning. This is another way to go, the healthier yet never lacking taste. Judge on the taste!
>The recipes of the bread and Bread Strata is under the trivia. If needed, go for it.
No presence in the pics as all the pics were taken before I made my napkin, but drip coffee and Earl Grey tea worked well. Chai tea could be a nice option for way refreshing breakfast/brunch time because the taste reminding ricotta cheese built the basis of the bread. Once you did a quick read through, you couldn’t miss it.
In a similar vein, the taste of typical Italian herb seasoning mix/blend will be very great. That’s one of the reasons I matched it with Italian chicken sausages and tomato sauce. Also, it worked as a buffer in bread strata making step.
As I’ve introduced a few times basic whey psyllium bread, this post is focusing on a variation for weekend breakfast/brunch dishes such as bread strata and bread pudding. But tiny little tips for versatility in there. Enjoy!
• Grain Free Psyllium Whey Almond Bread Strata
I. For the bread
1. Ingredients
▶️3 to 4 beaten large sized free range eggs discarded egg bits
This is the minimum suggestion. I highly recommend using 4 eggs for soft bread, but 3 eggs will work in this recipe anyhow.
Originally, you should use large sized 2 eggs per 30g whey+18g raw almond powder+18g psyllium husk at least if you’d like to have the outcome for a bread altenative. But this is a kind of bread makeover recipe in some ways, so you could reduce just 1 egg from the major formula if you want. Just A egg.
▶️1/8 tsp. Kosher salt
▶️1 tsp. vanilla extract
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  1. ▶️60g zero carb whey vanilla flavor
    In case of zero carb whey unflavored, I highly recommend adjusting the quantity of vanilla extract for way likeable outcome.
    ▶️36g raw almond COARSE powder
    ▶️18g+18g psyllium husk COARSE powder(18g at a time)
    Generally I highly recommend using coarse type of them. If you have a thing for filling texture, you should take it as a suggestion.
    ▶️6g baking powder
    ▶️2.4g arrow root flour
    If you can’t get this, just omit it. It won’t move the needle inasmuch as you use the outcome for bread strata.
    ▶️2 tbsp. lemon zest
    ▶️90g to 100g fresh lemon juice
    ▶️90g to 100g non fat milk
    A pairing of lemon juice and non fat milk will give it ricotta cheese-ish taste. It’s important to built savory taste because The thing is, you shouldn’t combine two ingredients together before adding the bowl. If thing goes wrong, buttermilk could come up. For the same reason, I highly recommend adding lemon juice and non fat milk to the batter bowl respectively.
    In case using whole milk, either way it will be fine.
    ▶️Cooking oil to grease a pan
    ▶️1 tsp. ground cinnamon
    ▶️1/2 tsp. ground ginger
    ▶️1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg
    2. Instruction
    For 1 Gugelhupf pan(8 inches, about 80% charged.). An equal volume of Bund pan will be great too. Lamb roasting is not the other option. Give it a shot!
    In case baking this batter using a bigger volume of pan, you should choose a pan with a hole in the middle of that, it will be yet better than others. A large Madeleine pan and a cubed muffin pan will be great inasmuch as you adjust the baking time set.
    ◻ Grease a pan with cooking oil.
    ◻ Take a large bowl. Put 60g protein powder, 36g almond powder, 6g BP, 2.4g arrow root flour and 18g psyllium husk powder to bowl.
    ◻ Take the second bowl. Crack eggs. DISCARD all egg bits, Put salt to the eggs. Using a hand whisk, beat well.
    ◻ Preheat an oven to 360F.
    ◻ Add vanilla extract to the second bowl.
    ◻ Add lemon zest to the first bowl. Get a good coat to the lemon zest to avoid a partial divide.
    ◻ Pour completely beaten eggs to the first bowl. Using a hand whisk, make it well mingled.
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  2. II. Bread Strata
    1. Ingredients
    ▶️The bread slices
    I used the whole batch from the pan except for 2 slices.
    You could choose a rock-hard baguette.
    ▶️300g chicken breast roughly chopped + 1/2 tsp. minced garlic cloves + 1/2 tsp. dried oregano + 1/2 tsp. dried rosemary + 1 tsp. dried parsley + 1/2 to 1 tsp. dried basil + 1 tsp. ground pepper + 1/4 tsp. kosher salt
    A mixture of 300g Italian sausages, dried basil and ground pepper can substitute this.
    ▶️2 tsp. Italian tomato sauce + 1 tsp. dried leeks + 1 tsp. water
    Homemade sauce(which is made from scratch) will be the best option, you could just take store bought sauce though. In that case, I highly recommend considering low sugar and sodium option. Also, using Italian seasoning mix will be a key to get a sauce anything but ketchup.
    ▶️3 shallots chopped
    It will be the best. If you’d like to use usual onion, take 1+1/2 to 2 large sized onions chopped.
    ▶️3 celery stalks finely chopped
    Originally ribs and celery leaves should be cooked respectively, but it’s not mandatory. Over all, the outcome will be great either way.
    ▶️Ground pepper and salt to season
    ▶️4 beaten eggs discarded egg bits
    At least, you should give it 4 eggs for likeable flavor.
    ▶️2+1/2 cups non fat buttermilk
    Whole milk, cooking cream and so on. It’s up to you.
    Option – Gruyère Cheese grated for a topping
    2. Instruction
    ◻ Brown chicken breast. Once done, remove it from the pot.
    ◻ Put onions chopped. Make it translucent. Sprinkle salt and ground pepper, caramelize the onions.
    ◻ Put celery stalks chopped and the mixture of tomato sauce, dried leeks and 1 tbsp. water to the pot. Cook for about 5 min. If needed, add pepper and salt in cooking.
    ◻ After turn the heat off, take a bowl. Combine 4 beaten eggs discarded egg bits with the butter milk. Sprinkle ground pepper and salt to the batter.
    ◻ Take a large ovenproof pan. I always use a 12-gon shaped porcelain for the best flavor and very pleasant appearance.
    ◻ Sprinkle a half of the Italian chicken breast and the celery chopped on the bottom of the pan.
    ◻ Arrange the bread slices in layers. Cover it with the rest of the chicken and celery.
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  3. I’ve never tried bread strata before but u have done a fantastic job 👏👏👏💖💖💖Wow Lin such amazing flavour combinations 😋😋I’d love an earl grey tea to top it off nicely 😋😋😋❤️❤️❤️

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