Spinach Argula Tofu Lasagna with baharat rose braised cabbage and lemony mashed …

Spinach Argula Tofu Lasagna
with baharat rose braised cabbage and lemony mashed potatoes
Kitchen cabinet reorganization first, and then pantry clean out!
Pantry clean out lunch like dinner. One of benefits of working from home.
Finally, I used up dried tofu crumbs from dried bean curds. Given the flavor, I prefer dried tofu skin better than dried tofu stick. It’s a big hassle to keep it zero waste friendly though. Too many crumbs come up all the time, even worse in this batch. I guess it could hit one fifth of the whole batch. 🤔
Lasagna, the major of staples. All time favorite comfort food. It’s a kind of sanctuary in which pasta alternatives such as non semolina pasta never make it out. Really? Indeed. I’m telling you!
I know, probably giving the cheese coat to the top layer of lasagna, it’s not that healthy relatively, compared to the stringy cheese top. But I like the crispy savory delight! Try it, like eating Mille Crepe cake, using a fork, rolling it while it’s hot. One of my guilty pleasures. Is it too hard? probably too tough? It might be work for you inasmuch as you use moist heat and dry heat in the same breath using Teflon sheet for baking.
For sure, you should add some topping which has an edge over others over high heat cooking to that batch. Jalapeños/black olives SLICED will be great as they are not that high in moisture content. The outcome will become rich, taste wise. Bring it out reduced cheesy goodness!
Just to note, I normally give it a topping consist of lemon zest, a bit of dripping, fresh parsley chopped, garlic minced and 1/8 tsp. olive oil. In that case, green olives will go nicely. Probably you could get the whole point. It’s the basis of Gremolata sauce(which is very popular for many people as the star of Osso Buco), which means you could make this topping way flavorful by adding pan frying step and more amount of oil. Basically different to that of the original as there is no bone marrow. Still, it could be a good kick as the way better flavor in this composition. I skipped it only because it was a lunch for busy lazy home workers. You could take a shot!

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  1. I just love the flavour pairings on your plates! 👌❤️ The lasagna itself looks amazing but with the very exotic cabbage and potatoes on the side, this meal has become quite a feast! 🤤

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