Walnuts Anpan(Japanese red bean paste bun) . . It has been quite a while since I…

Walnuts Anpan(Japanese red bean paste bun)
It has been quite a while since I’ve indulged in evening me time. I really can’t miss out on it, that’s the reason I’m here!
Japanese all time favorite, the timeless classic. This is very famous and popular for many people. Plus, it was made out of a very typical approach. So, I’m going to skip the features and figures of the detail. Besides, it’s entirely for sentimental value.
Winter is just around the corner. I received my advent calendar yesterday. On that, it was the third time I got up in the snow flurry morning since I’d said autumn is here.
It’s time to put the book hangover in a drawer, the summer to winter. Looking it back, I baked the buns. See next summer, till then!
These books have been the top 2 most favorite works over 15 years, even though not my mother tongue or first language written. The favorite part of my favorite novel series, set in the early century to mid century. Focusing on humanity, including aftermath of World War II, keep the topics on. This series took my third language to the next level. No doubt! And, it still works well. Reading these books(which look like a brick😂), reminding the stance that still makes me excited, that’s how I keep my hand in it.
Even though this bun is unlikely to be my thing in itself, It does work sort of the pairing of the scent of specific perfume and memorable reminiscence. Not enough to take it to my cup of tea, even so, it would be a likely caption each year for me.

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12 thoughts on “Walnuts Anpan(Japanese red bean paste bun) . . It has been quite a while since I…

  1. 重ね色から茜と小豆色そして真っ黒色を抜き取って、警戒とか境界とか千社札とか雑な感想を漬け込めて、箱に貼り付ける。闇に隈取られるかいなかを測って、又人を込むかいなかを測ろうとして、隠し部屋に曲がれる。

  2. The buns look delicious! 😍 A totally new thing for me to learn about. And really loved reading your very interesting post. ❤️ It’s amazing the rituals and habits we follow year after year with changing seasons. 😊

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