Grain Free Whey Psyllium Carrot Bread . with ricotta-cream cheese spread, Xylito…

Grain Free Whey Psyllium Carrot Bread
with ricotta-cream cheese spread, Xylitol Allulose strawberry jam and Erythritol apple Jasmine konjac jelly
served with Mint Oolong tea and Earl Grey tea for the never mushy jelly
Made from scratch. Even tea blending. It’s Sunday goodness! Happy Sunday everyone🤗🤗🤗
Whey psyllium bread is one of my long time coming things. It’s absolutely great for low fat, low net carb, low calories options. Besides, way richer than other protein bread in fiber and protein intake. To top it off, it’s very great for balanced diet as it consisted of many different food groups. It will cover it up the disadvantages of powder type of whey isolate, over all your blood sugar could stay away from an unpleasant liver drama.
I. Nutrition facts(per 6 carrot bread cubes)
Calories 336
Fat 16g
Protein 32g
Net carb 4g
Sugar <2g >The practical part of the bread making is on the comment thread. If needed, head on over there. The second one will be yours.
Since I found out nuts and bolts, I’ve tried many variations as to the versatility. Even though it might be better fit for meal supplement instead of sweet treat, it’s likely to be good enough to keep your diet flavorful in a specific diet plan.
I already introduced the fundamental formula of my own whey psyllium bread recipe a few times in this summer/spring, so that this post is focusing on this designated recipe with a few tips.
It’s a good way to bring it out winter like taste, no need for words in there. If whey based baking is totally new to you, the very first time you’ve clarified the outcome you could be surprised. The outside of the bread is likely that it seems to be too hard or firmed up. Take it easy, it shouldn’t be tough at all. It’s merely a thing in grain. Just give it a few min, and then, try it. It will never fail you in there.
The texture of the inside of this carrot bread could remind you of a leaner version of pound cake. Even though not that rich in taste, still so filling. And, it will get soft, moist, fluffy and bouncy.
The thinner bread was made out of sort of donuts alternatives, for sure, just taste and texture wise.
>Continued on the comment thread

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13 thoughts on “Grain Free Whey Psyllium Carrot Bread . with ricotta-cream cheese spread, Xylito…

  1. Compared to the cube shaped bread, it’s quite close to the baked donuts relatively. If you eat them when they’re hot, you’ll already get the point. You don’t need to adjust baking time by the quantities of the batter. Just slightly fill the batter with the bottom of the pan. In spite of a gap, it mostly will turn out great in itself. One third or an half will go just fine or edible. Keep it at bay the volume, that’s all.
    You can give it some fresh spin by adding icing. Frosting could be just fine because this bread has quite bouncy texture outside. Cut into halves, cover with a spread. It might be better. A combination of clothed cream and jam will go well. You should take a shot.
    Probably I will post it to my page the basis method of whey psyllium bread because it has been quite a while since I posted it, all the facts and details.
    Anyhow, you could just utilize it, the ratio of the mixture of whey isolate and psyllium husk to liquid ingredients. Take a shot!
    As for the jelly, I’ll post some tips to keep it refined sugar free and high purity options someday. The pairing of apple and jasmine and the combination of konjac jelly and refreshing tea, it’s another way to enjoy way healthier Taiwanese dessert.

  2. II. Cooking note
    1. Ingredients
    ▶️4 beaten large sized free range eggs discarded egg bits
    This is the minimum suggestion. You should use large sized 2 eggs per 30g whey+18g raw almond powder+18g psyllium husk at least.
    ▶️1/8 tsp. Kosher salt
    ▶️1 tsp. vanilla extract
    ▶️60g zero carb whey vanilla flavor
    In case of zero carb whey unflavored, I highly recommend adjusting the quantity of vanilla extract for way likeable outcome.
    ▶️36g raw almond COARSE powder
    ▶️18g+18g psyllium husk COARSE powder(9g at a time)
    Generally I highly recommend using coarse type of them. If you have a thing for filling texture, you should take it as a suggestion.
    ▶️6g baking powder
    ▶️35g fresh lemon juice
    It’s not mandatory, so you can use water instead of lemon juice. But I always add lemon juice, carrot bread or lemon bread either way.
    ▶️35g non fat milk
    Likewise, it’s not mandatory. But I always add it to the batter in making carrot bread.
    If you’d like to make lemon bread, you could omit it. Instead, use 65g lemon juice.
    The thing is, you shouldn’t combine two ingredients together before adding the bowl. If thing goes wrong, buttermilk could come up. For the same reason, I highly recommend adding lemon juice and non fat milk to the batter bowl respectively.
    In case using whole milk, either way it will be fine.
    ▶️Cooking oil to grease a pan
    ▶️3 handfuls of minced carrot thawed, completely drained
    It might be the best. In case using fresh carrots, just make it fully drained.
    ▶️1 tsp. ground cinnamon
    ▶️1/2 tsp. ground ginger
    ▶️1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg
    2. Instruction
    □ Grease pan with cooking oil.
    □ Put 60g protein powder, 36g almond powder, 6g BP and 18g psyllium husk powder to bowl.
    □ Take the second bowl. Crack 4 eggs. DISCARD all egg bits, Add salt. Using a hand whisk, beat well.
    □ Preheat oven to 360F.
    □ Add vanilla extract to the second bowl.
    □ Pour completely beaten eggs to the first bowl. Using a hand whisk, make it well mingled.
    □ Add 35g lemon juice to the mixture of powder ingredients and eggs. Mingling altogether, pour 35g milk to the bowl. You should keep whisking. Don’t give it any moment.
    >Continued on the reply

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