Northern Taiwanese Inspired Breakfast . An oven baked egg, unsweetened red bean …

Northern Taiwanese Inspired Breakfast
An oven baked egg, unsweetened red bean gruel, fresh ginger clam soup, Taiwanese nougat florentines and skimmed soy milk with Lady Grey tea
Finally, It’s the weekend🤗🤗🤗 I had a tough week, this is what it takes to be a person as often😍😍 Happy weekend everyone! May you and your family have warming breakfast fun😁😁😁
Reduced fat, carb and sweetness.
Refined sugar free. I used just little Allulose and Erythritol for Taiwanese nougat and toffee like caramel.
Just to note, this breakfast composition was inspired by fried egg with Taiwanese lean sesame flat bread with a fried egg(燒餅加蛋), sweet red bean red rice gruel/porridge(紅豆紫米粥), clam ginger soup topped with spring onion chops(蛤蜊湯/湯頭/湯底), flaky sweet paste stuffed pastry(甜點燒餅/糖酥餅) and soy milk with black tea(豆漿紅茶).
Depending on your liking, it could be something either love or hate. Even so, I guess it would be an idea to enjoy your weekend breakfast at some point.
Simply, you could choose egg drop hot clam red bean soup instead of this. Mung bean is a very nice option, but not the only option. Red bean would be great as savory food. The thing is, you should keep it at bay mushy beans. For sure, no way bad smelling beans as it was boiled too long over too high heat.
1. An oven baked egg
This is the main part of the whole dish. That’s the reason the egg should be cooked by dry heat. It will make you get even cleaner aftertaste in the whole mouthfeel.
In a similar vein, I highly recommend adding a touch of Kosher fine salt on the bottom of the pan. It might be better than adding salt to the beaten egg. It would be useful to get rid of egg bits before cooking.
And then, sprinkle ground black pepper on the top. It will help the egg well cooked to the stable basis. Crispy outside, bouncy inside and nothing like an eggy block or egg sponge.
2. Unsweetened red bean gruel
Not that sweet. It should be added just a hint of Kosher salt. The heart of this version is, you should make gruel not porridge or soup as seen. It would be better for a clean and pure red bean dish.
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15 thoughts on “Northern Taiwanese Inspired Breakfast . An oven baked egg, unsweetened red bean …

  1. You could get a good chance to bring it out the natural flavor of red beans. Frugal but very hearty. Amazing taste, catchy texture and smooth mouthfeel. Give it a try.
    I know, red beans are very popular for many people as sweet food regardless of the weather. Just focusing on East Asian area, partially for convenience, red bean egg yolk pastries, Japanese red bean bun, sweet red bean porridge, red bean shaved red bean ice with raw yolk and so on. Sweetened red beans have been considered as typical Asian taste, attached or not either way. It’s the truth. I’m just trying to introduce another way to go.
    In some ways, it would remind you of Korean red bean soup. Taste wise, probably it’s safe to say similar to that in the basis. Still, this is practically different with that because there are no noodles or rice cake balls. Considering features of other dishes in Asian cuisine, not quite to call it one of them. It’s likely to be a common thread of Asian cuisine partially.
    I can eat this red bean gruel in large quantities, but it will come to me in another right time. Possibly, it could be something that based on authentic Korean food.
    Just as you know, this gruel pairs well with tomato chicken stew!
    3. Fresh ginger clam soup
    Consomé will be a great idea for breakfast. But this soup might be a good source of comforting but refreshing vibes.
    Give it a shot, get a warming breakfast.
    Using dried shrimps would be a good idea for nice clam soup. But it might be better to be skipped in making a ginger clam soup. It will help you bring it out clear and savory goodness.
    It’s important to get clear clam juice. You should make clams spit out sand altogether. If this is a big hassle to you, you can use clam juice for convenience.
    Holding it at bay the veggies in making the broth is important too. You should use a broth strainer or a filter bag. Diced white radish(a.k.a. Daikon), garlic cloves and diced courgette(better than zucchini), all these should be removed from the pot before you add clam juice to the veggie broth. In a similar grain, you can use veggie broth reduced by half.
    Combine clam juice with veggie broth.
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  2. Hibiscus tea and Earl Grey tea will be a great combination in there. Firstly, The ratio of Hibiscus tea to Lady Grey tea is 1.5:1. Secondly, you should make it sure the steeping temperature and procedure in making tea.
    Hibiscus tea would bring up distinctive herbal taste if you make it too hot by boiling. Often it turns out too strong aftertaste. It should be steeped at off boil. And then, you should add steeped Earl Grey tea to Hibiscus tea. Because of the difference which came from the best temperature each tea, it would be the best.
    Maybe it seems to be too rough because even Darjeeling tea could bring it up a gap in action likewise sugar alternatives. I don’t make it clear specific brands in there though. Also, I’m trying to say about a case, it’s followed by a how matter not a precisely designated what matter. It’s based on the face of nutrients balance. I hope it could be a tip for your foodie life.

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