Double Cream Scone with Meaty Saffron Rose Sauce accompanied by drip coffee . . …

Double Cream Scone with Meaty Saffron Rose Sauce
accompanied by drip coffee
Fresh out of the oven!
A fresh double cream based scone with a meaty and aromatic sauce, it would be a great for a chilly morning.
Butter based scone could go nicely, double cream based scone will work truly well. Crispy, airy, moist, it’s great for rich and flavorful sauce.
Just to note, In case making butterless scone, I highly recommend getting it egg washed for a savory scone. It will make a big difference in a few ways, especially in texture. Once you have one bite of that, quite a nice contrast would come through your taste buds.
Besides, a pairing of saffron and red meat, it’s one of nice breakfast/brunch ideas. Well, chicken could be better than this at times, still it’s on the top of the list. In case it’s matched with a combination of sort of quick bread and tightly gooey sauce, I have no other way to give a for any variation at all times.
The sauce is based on the filling of tourtière as it originally derived from a pivot as to get a light tourtière for breakfast. Over all, the pungent taste will add up to a completely different mouthfeel.
It was made with beef and lamb rather than a combination of beef and pork by my liking as seen. It consisted of extra lean ground lamb and beef mixture, ground celery seed, garlic chopped, dried thyme, dried parsley, ground sage, ground cinnamon, ground pepper, Kosher salt, well beaten egg yolk, saffron threads and the mixture of rose water and chicken based brown gravy.
The thing is, staying away from adding pure water to the pot. Even saffron soaking, I highly recommend using lukewarm gravy or liquid chicken stock. As using the rose water, you should combine it with gravy. On that, I always add a few spice treats to the mixture before I use it. It’s simple, but absolutely useful to make it well spiced. Yes, it would remind you of the very first rule using herb and spice nicely. Matching spice treat with fat in using, adjusting the whole moisture continuously, it’s exactly what you already know.
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15 thoughts on “Double Cream Scone with Meaty Saffron Rose Sauce accompanied by drip coffee . . …

  1. And then, just give it a reduction by simmering and scarping up to get a truly great sauce riddled with a wonder of flavor. Not that difficult, you should take a good look though.

  2. Coffee rather than tea, specifically drip coffee could be the best. In spite of sort of off-sets, it might be better than espresso in many ways as it’s leaner and clearer
    Probably Lapsang Souchong would pair well with this. It’s great for chilly weather. The smoky taste, full bodied and pungent but clear aftertaste will go nicely. Steep a strong cup, the moisture should be in moderation likewise.
    I prefer a demitasse cup of machine brewed drip coffee which is not that sour taste but extra full bodied. Generally better than hand brewing because it’s not that easy to hit the right point in moisture.
    As to other weekend breakfast variations, white based sauce will be great too. For breakfast, lemony chicken gravy and white sage chicken gravy will pair well with double cream based scone. Generally it could be way likeable.
    Plus, you could choose a combination of saffron scone with good sauce. All these are good for winter like taste. Take a shot in your timeline.

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