Hamburger Arugula Konjac Couscous . May everyone get a chance to redeem a differ…

Hamburger Arugula Konjac Couscous
May everyone get a chance to redeem a difference between noticing and knowing. Also, the meaning of “by myself” and “myself”, it would be put it another way, flavoring in the middle of the world as to the larger sense of recognizing the most thoughtful moments.
To all grief, loss and consolations🌹
Based on the taste of hamburger stoup.
Obviously warm, hearty, comforting and never dense. It would be sort of a memorable warm you up in way too long winter season.
Also, this dish would be a nice idea to enjoy Israeli couscous at this time of year. Osso Buco is certainly one of the great recipes for Israeli couscous with saffron, you could have another option. Even it would be good as a winter holiday side dish because every ingredient could keep its own taste even highly flavored. You could make this a stuffing alternative dish(which is not so much real stuffing) as I often do, if you are the kind of person who have no taste for a stuffing like me. Either way, take a shot.
I used konjac rice so that it would hold all the boxes checked in a good way. Great for low GI and low carb friendly options, also great for filling food ideas. No need to worry about digestive issue because konjac in this dish hardly can bring it up. It’s quite a small sized type, and you would have bit by bit just naturally. Great for beginners, you should give it a shot. It could be a key to a balanced diet in moderation. Also, It could take your meal time to the next level.
• Hamburger Arugula Konjac Couscous
1. Ingredients
▶️200g extra lean ground beef
In case using not that lean meat, you should remove the fat from the pot after pan frying.
▶️100g arugula chopped(generous 4 cups arugula chopped)
No need to go wilt before you cook.
▶️1 large sized onion chopped
▶️4 garlic cloves chopped
▶️1 tsp. dried leeks
▶️1 tsp. dried thyme
▶️1/2 cup dried parsley
▶️2 celery stalks chopped(about a heaping cup of celery stalks chopped)
▶️3 handfuls of carrot cubed
Generally small diced will be the best in this recipe. If you have a thing for carrot, it will be great as is.
▶️4 bay leaves
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  1. ▶️1 tsp. ground black pepper(1/2t at a time)
    ▶️1 tsp. liquid beef stock
    ▶️2 cups water
    ▶️200g high purity konjac rice(over 90%)
    This batch was made with 99% konjac.
    Just to note, using konjac would be worth a try in this recipe. Firstly, it will make it better the texture of the dish in contrast. Slightly crispy veggies with couscous melting in the mouth, such a good bridge. Also, avoid blood sugar drama. It will keep it stay away from the blood sugar drama.
    On that, compared to the other types of konjac, this rice type has edge on the digest process. At times, Konjac gives it way too much filling to our stomach likewise every coin has two sides.
    ▶️50g Israeli couscous
    Bulgur # 3/fine couscous will go nicely too.
    It would be a typical leftover for lunch, so I did not make Israeli couscous too soft. These mini pearls will absorb yummy liquid of the dish overnight so that it could avoid dense leftover.
    ▶️4 cups Tomato sauce For tomato sauce(1C at a time)
    I highly recommend using homemade sauce. But you could just take store bought products. In that case, you should choose low sugar and sodium sauce preferably. Also, it should be seasoned with Italian seasoning or spice mix/blend.
    ▶️For tomato sauce
    ■50 oz whole tomatoes
    ■5 garlic cloves chopped
    ■1/8 cup fresh parsley chopped
    You could skip it.
    ■1/4 cup dried parsley
    ■1/4 tsp. Kosher salt
    ■2 tsp. dried basil
    ■2 tbsp. Italian seasoning
    You could choose store bought seasoning mix.
    1 – 2 tsp. dried basil + 2 tsp. ground marjoram + 2 tsp. dried oregano + 1 tsp. ground sage + 1/2 tsp. Kosher salt
    2 – 2 tsp. dried thyme + 2 tsp. dried oregano + 1 tsp. ground sage + 1/2 tsp. Kosher salt
    2. Instruction
    □ Heat a pan. Brown the ground beef. If fat comes up on the bottom of the pot, you should remove it using spoon or kitchen paper.
    □ Put garlic cloves and onions. Cook, until translucent. And then, add carrots and ground pepper. Make them get a good coat.
    □ As carrots get slightly cooked, pour water and beef stock to the pot. Bring to a boil.
    □ Add 1C tomato sauce, bay leaves, dried leeks, dried thyme and dried parsley. Go reduction for about 15 min over medium heat.
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