Tarragon Cream Clam Lentil Rotini . . . My partner ate corn mac and cheese, I ha…

Tarragon Cream Clam Lentil Rotini
My partner ate corn mac and cheese, I had this for early brunch. Yet healthier but super rich and smooth, It was completely satisfying.
The next morning after I cooked clam soup I always cook this dish. Tarragon pairs well with white sauce, it’s very famous for many people as is. Chicken, mushroom and so on. As a sauce and a basis of the dish. But you could enjoy it with clam.
Well, it’s clam juice based seafood broth, the basis of the broth is clam anyhow.
On that, the combination of tarragon and cream sauce, nothing but bliss. You don’t need to even take this tips in action, just have your way with a kick! In the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening, by all means. Take a shot.
Made with lentil based beet rotini.
Using non semolina past is great for low carb friendly diet. Roughly there are 5 major base ingredients for the main basis of so called non semolina pasta in market. Chickpea, edamame, rice, black bean and lentil.
All these ‘pasta’ are either people like it or hate it, I know. Pretty much notorious in some ways, makes sense. Still it will be great in itself.
Absolutely way better than usual pasta in (net) carb, sugar, protein even dietary fiber content. Aftertaste wise, yet earthier and nuttier. To top it off, way easier to cook. No need to boil it.
If you’re looking for a good chance to try, give it a shot! It will not ruin the flavor of this dish. At times, you just can not substitute usual pasta with semolina alternatives on a formula level.
But it will be a nice case if you have a taste for the pastas. Earthy taste with creamy and smooth texture, It can’t be made with semolina pasta if you don’t use a lot of fat. Plus, It seriously goes well with tarragon.
• Little tips
1. For the clam broth
▶️100g fresh clams prepared
▶️1/2 cup celery leaves
▶️3 tsp. ground black pepper
▶️2 handfuls of green onions or spring onions
▶️1/4 tsp. Kosher salt
▶️3 cups water
▶️A filter bag filled with 1/4 cup dried shrimp and 4 whole cloves of garlic
The top part of those should be cut to better mouthfeel.
>Continued on the comment thread.

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12 thoughts on “Tarragon Cream Clam Lentil Rotini . . . My partner ate corn mac and cheese, I ha…

  1. I highly recommend going a 4 way in making the broth. Dried shrimps, garlic cloves, fresh celery leaves and fresh clams. But you could just choose the mixture of seafood broth and clam juice over this. In that case, swap the suggestion with it, reduced 3C clam juice(from 6C of it) + reduced 1C seafood broth(from 2C of it) + 4 tsp. ground pepper + 1/8 tsp. ground garlic.
    2. For cream sauce
    ▶️1/2 tsp. DRIED TARRAGON
    It will be better than fresh tarragon.
    ▶️1 egg yolk
    I made egg yolk crumbs because it’s sort of filling about it, corn grain should be out for a light option.
    For sure, you could skip it. In case using non semolina pasta, possibly kind of lacking texture could come up though. Choose what you want to your liking.
    ▶️3 cups white soup base or sauce base
    It’s entirely up to you. As the major of staples, you could have your way. Normally it will go well with others if there is a good room for tarragon and the broth. Pepper and salt to season for spice treat, it will be the best.
    I usually cook clam chowder base with a handful of potatoes. It would be getting a nice basis of this dish on every level.
    You don’t need to take a spoon in having it, one of advantages using little starch in addition.
    3. For the pasta
    ▶️50g lentil based rotini
    I used lentil based beef carrot rotini.
    It would be the best to choose lentil based pasta for this. There are a few options in market, but edamame/black bean based pasta could be too sweet.
    Shape wise, rotini will be the best as way easier to make the taste come through.
    No need to boil respectively. Put it to the sauce before you turn the heat off in the final step. In case of lentil based rotini, simmer it 4 min over the medium heat, and give it 3 min over low heat. After turn the heat off, keep stirring, cook for about 3 min. Despite it depends on condition including the brand, it will turn out nicely most of all.

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