Clam Celery Konjac Stoup with a East Asian touch . . Umami packed low carb Monda…

Clam Celery Konjac Stoup with a East Asian touch
Umami packed low carb Monday breakfast. Great for cold weather.
Clam chowder, clam soup with Miso/ginger and so on. All great. This is just another way to go. If you have a thing for clam, take a shot!
I know, it has no photogenic look. But it is a truly catchy dish. How hearty! Light in calories yet savory. Still you could enjoy lean and warming food. If you’re looking for some comfort with a fresh stretch, you could try it!
This soup is based on the taste of Kinmen savory gruel to a pivot of the original version as a breakfast, which means not quite close to the Cantonese Congee.
It was made out of something like stoup, not a clear soup. Normally garlic should stay away from the minced type as it will make the soup too cloudy.
Using real seaweed is quite a big hassle in many ways, thin or thick either way. That’s one of the reason celery leaves take the role in the whole dish. Flavored, colored in a good way, it could add up to a likely taste of the original Kinmen gruel.
Appearance wise, it could be considered as a variation of Korean seaweed soup at a first look. Practically nothing like that, just it’s good enough to remind an ambiguous soup base.
• Clam Celery Konjac Stoup
1. For the clam juice
▶️300g fresh clams such as Manila clams and Asari clams
▶️100g spring onions in halves
▶️8 cups water
I made Chinese clam broth from scratch, but not mandatory. Honestly, not that easy to make clams spit out sand altogether. Besides, clam flesh and spring onions should be removed from the pot right after you got the clam juice in this recipe. So, If you have an option for store bought products, go for it. In that case, just prepare 8C clam juice instead of clams.
2. For the broth
▶️6 cups clam juice(3C at a time)
▶️1/2 cup dried shrimps
▶️10 whole garlic CLOVES
Don’t go minced or chopped so that it would get easier to remove froth and keep the taste of stoup clear.
▶️1 tsp. ground black pepper
▶️A filter bag
□ Take a deep pot. Pour the clam juice. Bring to a boil.
□ Fill the filter bag with dried shrimps and garlic cloves, put it in the pot. Turn the heat up to the high heat.
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10 thoughts on “Clam Celery Konjac Stoup with a East Asian touch . . Umami packed low carb Monda…

  1. In case there is no room for the garlic in the filter bag, you could just put it in the pot. You should cut the part of the clove top so that it would avoid unwanted and unpleasant crumbs.
    □ Keep going, removing all froth from the surface area of the cooking liquid.
    □ Once it has been reduced to half, add the rest amount of the clam juice. Do again.
    If you have a room for a real gruel, prepare cooked rice in this step. Also, it should be soaked with clam juice and fresh warm water. Good enough to sink it, that’s the whole point.
    □ The volume of garlic has been reducing, which means the cooking liquid comes up sort of white bits, remove the filter bag from the pot.
    3. For the stoup
    ▶️2 cups clam juice
    ▶️3 cups clam broth
    ▶️10 garlic cloves
    I highly recommend cutting just the part of the clove top. And, this recipe requires mashing the garlic in the final step. So, it might be better for a good mouthfeel.
    ▶️1/2 tsp. white wine vinegar
    ▶️1 tbsp. lemon juice
    ▶️1 tsp. liquid chicken stock
    ▶️1 tsp. ground black pepper
    ▶️2 handfuls of fresh celery leaves roughly chopped
    You could choose seaweed over celery. In case using seaweed, you should take a thin but not light seaweed. No stalk, quite like a leafy type. It will be the best. Just keep it away from processed block type. Most of all, it’s likely to be too silky even slimy. The reduction by braising and simmering is the heart of this recipe. It doesn’t go well. It brings up a bad aftertaste and way too much unpleasant texture.
    ▶️200g high purity Konjac rice(over 90 percent)
    I used 99 purity wide Konjac noodles.
    Certainly way better than the others.
    Highly recommended using over 90 purity Konjac. It will make a huge difference on every single level. If your Konjac contains considerable carbs such as starches, you should adjust it to your condition. It’s about a formula matter.
    You could just choose non semolina pasta such as Edamame noodles and lentil pasta. It might be better to use lentil based pasta because usually not that sweet. For sure, it’s up to the brand, probably black bean based pasta will be way too sweet though.
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  2. Looks & sounds sooo appetising Lin 😋👌🤤sooo much effort & love gone into this dish ❤️❤️I love clams ❤️❤️sooo yummy & sweet & that’s exactly what this dish is 😋😋👌👌🤤🤤💖💖🌼🌺💐🌸🌷👏👏👏

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