Jerk Chicken Breast and Saffron Leek Shallot Cream Soup with Vegan Dark Chocolat…

Jerk Chicken Breast and Saffron Leek Shallot Cream Soup with Vegan Dark Chocolate Chunk Scone
The Jerk Chicken recipe is at the end of the post. If needed, see it for more details.
No waste for taste. Still full of beans. A lunch packed with delightful yumminess.
To use up all leftover ingredients. I needed it indeed. Plus, trying a new formula and alternative products.
The soup is inspired by Moroccan cooked salad and Tagine recipes. Based on so called yellow cooking style from Modern Fassi cuisine, yet it’s tweaked by contemporary recipes, which means caramelized onions should be the fundamental basis of the soup. Taste, flavor, aroma even mouthfeel. Olive oil must be added at a time, regardless of the total amount of that. It would be a good idea to get likely outcomes.
In a nutshell, I cooked the soup by adapting deglazing and oven finished composition. The thing is, using roast CHICKEN dripping and dried leeks&shallots. But using Kosher salt pound with saffron is the triumph of the aromatic soup. For other options, I recommend using grated carrot and minced button mushroom.
As for the scone, not exactly for me in the pics as in its place, I just started working on it. The characteristics of cocoa powder should be arranged in first place because It’s deeply linked to the features as a scone. For now, not that grainy or waxy, not enough smooth. Also, I’ll fix it by getting yet more proper chunks in this recipe. I’m guessing something way better product to find out for this composition.
Even though it’s not a rocket science, still it requires quite a specific and elaborate formula every single case. Such a long shot, a lot of way to go. Still, a nice part of life, inside and out.
• Jamaican Jerk Chicken
(great for roast/grilling, for 4 servings)
1. Ingredients
2 lb chicken thigh or wings
Just as you know, this batch was made with chicken breast, generally chicken thigh is way popular though.
2 bunches of scallions
2 to 4 scotch bonnet peppers seeded
5 dried bay leaves
1 tbsp. dried thyme
2 tsp. ground allspice
1/2 to 1 tsp. Kosher salt
1 tsp. ground black pepper
8 garlic cloves
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19 thoughts on “Jerk Chicken Breast and Saffron Leek Shallot Cream Soup with Vegan Dark Chocolat…

  1. 2 tbsp. red wine vinegar
    Option 1 – 2 tbsp. Lime juice and 1/8 tsp. Olive oil
    Option 2 – Chicken broth, 1/2 C. Orange juice and 1/4 C. sweet and sticky soy sauce
    In case choosing option 2, it might be better to take it as a pouring sauce.
    It would make it way lush and tender chicken.
    2. Method
    Using a fork, make the chicken tender. It will make the seasoning come through. No need to give many, it would be enough vertically 4 times to 5 times at a piece.
    Combine scallions, dried bay leaves, thyme, allspice, salt, pepper and garlic cloves in a bowl. Blend it well using a food processor. And then, add red wine vinegar.
    Marinate the chicken overnight. I highly recommend giving it 2 hours at least.
    Preheat the oven to 450F.
    Cook about for 30 min to 35 min.

  2. The jerk chicken the soup & the scone look & sound sooo delicious Lin 😋👌🤤 U really are a master of ur craft producing such meals aswell as them being healthy 😋👌🤤🤩👏👏👏 Ur also very kind sharing ur recipes my friend Thanku ❤️🙏❤️🙏

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