Salmon Sashimi Rice Lunchbox . . Super fresh salmon Sashimi, vinegar season rice…

Salmon Sashimi Rice Lunchbox
Super fresh salmon Sashimi, vinegar season rice, leafy veggies and likely toppings. Taste wise, it gives it to you a good deal of different sweetness. Creamy, melting and crispy in the mouth.
Simple yet catchy, one of nice winter like filling lunch ideas. It’s another way to go something with a seasonal stretch. A nice delicacy in real life some point, you could just take a shot before getting too cold!
It might be an idea to give toasted sesame seeds because of its nutty taste and popping texture. Fresh chive chops/watercress would be good as topping options too, I used Wasabi and two types of so called Sushi pickles as there is remaining. Usually, it will be safe to choose Beni Shoga(which is made with ginger) and Takuan(which is made with radish) over others seasoned with Sake(Japanese rice) wine/Miso(Japanese fermented paste).
Most of all, Konjac rice is combined with ordinary rice so that It would be better in carb content. But Konjac don’t go well with raw seafood such as Sashimi. Especially kind of a plain taste is less than a good combination. It might be not enough to drizzle sauces for clear aftertaste. In case flavored with spice treat, it would be good. For this reason, Konjac rice was out in this batch. Instead, I made it double the salmon Sashimi layer.
If you make it like a divided Obento, which means raw salmon and rice have their own room respectively, it might be fine.
Practically it’s a bit far from the classic rice bowl such as Sake Don because it was made out of something between Obento and Sushi, for sure being a lazy foodie version of them. Even so, it’s quite close to the feature of Sake Don instead of that of usual Sake Ben as topped with salmon Sashimi. Likewise, go for the season!

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17 thoughts on “Salmon Sashimi Rice Lunchbox . . Super fresh salmon Sashimi, vinegar season rice…

  1. Ohhhhh Lin I love this ❤️❤️😋😋👌👌 I’d love to try ur food as it always looks delicious & made with a lot of love 😋😋❤️❤️ I’m a huge fan of Sashimi & Sushi but I’ve never made it myself as I find it quite daunting to make. U have the skills girl this looks delicious as do ur previous posts of ur sushi ❤️❤️❤️🌸🌼🌺💐👏👏👏👏👏👏

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