Winter is eventually here. Snow is everywhere, much more than just falling. It’s…

Winter is eventually here. Snow is everywhere, much more than just falling. It’s done with beautiful fallen leaves🍂
Too short, always falls quite short of what it takes to be mine. Goodbye Autumn!
Sushi Delight🍣
I’m not originally the kind of person who likes rice dish, so that this is the first time I made a huge variety Sushi array by myself.
Probably I will not repeat it, at least not like this, because it’s way too much of a hassle! Certainly worth a try though. It was an amazing treat such as to redeem full on mouthfeel.
Anyhow, I’m trying to be ready for lockdown 2.0! Even though my fiance and I’ve been so puzzled for a few days. Still, “I DID”, I love to say it. Nothing like a “woulda-shoulda-coulda”.
Finished with dried seaweed rather than spice treats over the plate. Normally it’s not a typical serving style, but I prefer to add it to the Sushi because the taste and scent of that adds up to a savory goodness. It’s bound to be an option for flavor, you could skip it.
To reduce carb content per serving, Konjac rice took a half amount of the sticky rice. I normally opt to have Basmati rice/fragrant rice over sticky rice in cooking. Besides, the ratio of Konjac to rice is usually about 2:1 to 3:1 in action.
It comes up as to the likeable outcome adjusted by each case. I highly recommend using sticky rice in making Sushi so that It would be a likely choice.
The raito between Konjac and usual rice, it should be kept fifty fifty at least in making Sushi. Even though Sushi rice does not mean it tastes bland, still quite far away from well spiced dish made with many different spice treats. On that, these are all topped with toppings on purpose, also most of all made with cooked ingredients, basically it has a fit not enough to go with Konjac rice though. That’s one of reasons I have no taste for plain rice based dish. Literally, not so much proper for my diet style in many ways.
Besides with arugula, Rakko pickles and watercress.
1. Shrimp Sushi garnished with toasted sesame seeds
I used Pomelo Sriracha sauce instead of Wasabi so that it would give it a refreshing kick.
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  1. 2. Grilled Torched Eel seasoned with sesame oil
    It was finished with fresh chive chops.
    In many cases, the eel was spiced with Teriyaki sauce/Hoisin sauce(or those based sauce). I have no taste for that though, so I took it with Rakkyo pickles and watercress.
    3. Torched Shrimp Sushi garnished with pickled onions julienned, Beni Shoga chops and toasted sesame seeds
    Beni Shoga pickles gave a refreshing kick.
    4. Grilled Torched Salmon Sushi garnished with avo mayo, onions julienned and garlicky Sriracha sauce
    5. Dried seaweeds, Tobico and Takuan pickles sliced
    Too lazy to make Maki.
    6. Salmon Sushi garnished with onions julienned and yogurt sauce
    The sauce was made with fresh apple grated, onions minced and non fat yogurt. It’s always a great sauce for it.
    Spring onion chops will be a nice finisher.
    7. Inarizushi(a.k.a rice stuffed fried Tofu)
    Fried Tofu was seasoned with white vinegar and runny soy sauce. Rice stuffing was spiced with tuna avocado mayo and Shichimi.
    8. Torched Salmon Sushi garnished with seaweed crumbs and Wasabi Miso
    The thing is, it should be coated with the mixture of Avo Mayo, Tobico and beaten Tobico. It will make a big difference.
    9. Beef Striploin Sushi garnished with few drop of Hoisin sauce, onions julienned and fried Tofu pocket slices
    Onions julienned was spiced with peanut butter and unsweetened runny soy sauce.

  2. Ohhhhh Wowwww Lin 🤩🤩🤩🤩 U have totally outdone urself here my friend! This looks stunning, delicious & absolutely just perfect my friend 👌👌👌I have never attempted to make sushi but this certainly makes me want to 😋😋😋😋Well done U did an amazing job 💖💖👏👏💖💖👏👏💖💖👏👏& the pics look fantastic 👌🤩🤩🤩🤩

  3. Your sushi variety were planned out perfectly, hope your enjoyed it, they look lovely. And don’t forget to stay warm and enjoy each day to the fullest even if it’s snowing, there’s so much beauty everywhere ❤️ Blessings Lin ❤️

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