Have a peaceful Saturday . . Hibiscus Darjeeling tea with Danish Biscuits . Hibi…

Have a peaceful Saturday💫
Hibiscus Darjeeling tea with Danish Biscuits
Hibiscus tea would bring up a distinctive herbal taste if you make it too hot by boiling. Often it turns out too strong aftertaste. It should be steeped at off boil. And then, you should add steeped Darjeeling tea to Hibiscus tea. Because of the difference which came from the best temperature for each tea, it would be the best.
Hibiscus really pairs well with Darjeeling as there is sort of a common ground factored by the floral texture of the tastes.
The ideal ratio Hibiscus tea to Darjeeling tea would be 2:1, but it’s important to keep it at bay a few details in steeping tea.
Firstly, Hibiscus tea should be prepared before Darjeeling tea. Secondly, it might be better to use the second cup of Hibiscus tea. Thirdly, steeped Darjeeling tea should be combined not too hot Hibiscus tea, just good enough to sip it.
Mostly It’s about keeping it away from the way too herbal taste which came from completely strong Hibiscus tea. Generally considered as a little stinky smell, kind of a typical case of those either like it or hate it. Besides, it would be the best shot to enjoy the most wonderful part of this tea focusing on the steeping way.
Once Hibiscus and Darjeeling has been mingling, it comes up a floral fragrance. It would be shading into a thing reminding rose, that’s the moment you should pour a cup of tea for the first taste. Also, time to quit steeping the Darjeeling generally. If you have a taste for tannic taste afterward, you could give it 10 seconds. You should take a good look though.
The second cup of tea would make your taste buds refreshing by the shading into a specific tea rather than something rose like. Enjoying the blossom of your tea, have Danish biscuits. Melting away, yet coming through, It’s a bliss. To top it off, you would wrap up your recharging with clear and herbaceous aftertaste.
It would be a good idea to add a bit of starches to the dough for keeping it low sugar and butter friendly. The outcome will be different from all other originals, still good enough to take it for an alternative.
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    This motion music box was an All Saints’ Day present for a little girl from her favorite aunt. A grown-up the big girl do remember it, her brother and all loved ones.

  2. Thanx for the great tip on how best to prepare these teas Lin 👍👌I tend to always boil which I know it’s best not to! 🤷‍♀️! Lovely selection of tea 😋😋 aswell as a nice peaceful setting 👌🤩❤️🤩❤️

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