Le Biscuit Palmiers au Chocolat Le délicieux biscuit de pâte feuilletée maison, …

Le Biscuit Palmiers au Chocolat
Le délicieux biscuit de pâte feuilletée maison, c’est une tuerie🔥
Good morning everyone😇
Me time savoring the last day of staycation.
A good dose of Halloween sweet treats. I know it’s not enough to call it typical something with likely vibes. We both have similar taste about Halloween fun though. No liking for a festive chilling out. Mostly a pull apart stuff takes the charge, sure enough.
That’s the reason it added up to the beauty of a big rectangular delight. It’s executed to perfection not a typical Palmiers, far away from ears or a palm heart in action, it’s based on the taste of classic Palmiers though. No exaggeration necessary, it’s a likely star of laminated biscuits.
Almost refined sugar free. In the face of improving aesthetically pleasing, it’s made with two kinds of salt and 8g sugar for sugar cluster coating. On that, fine ground Stevia and two types of Allulose had an own role in the whole composition. Lastly, just little Maltitol for chocolate worked so that it would bring a better texture. Even though it’s nothing but a disputable topic in GI level, but it would be fine using in dribs and drabs.
Besides slightly creamy and slimy texture of Maltitol will take it to the next level. Once you’ve been dipping it in the hot drip coffee, you would get it already. Indescribably fantastic. Even if it served without hot drip coffee, surely it would work well. The more you savor it, the more content you’ve going to get.
Sweetness wise, not quite sweet so as it would be a fit for my liking including the ideal dose of sweetness. Practically sweet and salty treats. It is perfection!

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