Saturday scone feast! Scone, a favorite of mine dealing with chilly weather. It’…

Saturday scone feast!
Scone, a favorite of mine dealing with chilly weather. It’s a nice idea to deal with a craving for something warming. Whether it goes with soup or not doesn’t matter. It will never spoil the grateful pleasure of the season at this time.
Even if there is no confit or clotted cream, scone time is incredibly superb at all times. Get me that, no need to get to make a plan coming up something amazing.
Besides with Lemon Bergamot tea and Goji Berry Rose tea respectively.
I. The first course
1. Pomelo Scone
Double cream based scone. Added a tiny bit of butter. It’s a good fit for a catchy scone. Crisp on the outside, soft and moist in the middle. Compared to the traditional and authentic scone, way better fluffy and yet airy. You should try it.
2. Wormwood Matcha Macadamia Barberries Scone
Inspired by Ke Jia ground tea(客家擂茶) biscuits and cookies.
Ke Jia ground tea is a southern Chinese tea based beverage, which means It has the other ingredients such as tree nuts, seeds, grains, herbs and spices. This composition basically stems from their living environment likely so-called Tibetan 酥油茶(butter tea).
That’s the reason It’s close to the gruel as a meal supplement at times. But most of all, It is consumed as a beverage nowadays.
Hakka diaspora population brought it to own immigration. Taiwanese Ke Jia Lei Cha is the most famous version of that because relatively the community maintain own heritage.
According to the custom, Ke Jia women were evaluated by Lei Cha which made by themselves. Certainly there is the basis as a starting point, on that, they need to draw out own version. Not only the formulation such as taste, scent, flavor, texture and but also the performance. Probably that point inclines performing self pounding tea in contemporary fine dining.
Anyway, for these reasons, often leftovers should be made out of something like a preserved food. Lei Cha biscuit is one of those, there are many different versions.
It’s a butter based scone. Plus, a hint of buttermilk gave an outstanding texture. Despite using just little, it always comes out very gleefully. Lush, soft and moist.
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  1. Taste wise, little rosewater rum gave a fresh stretch, much more than soaking dried barberries. It paired well with it.
    3. Cheddar Cornmeal Coconut Scone
    Butterless scone. It’s made with double cream and coconut milk instead of butter. Cornmeal had a big role in texture too. Nutty, sweet and salt. Moist, light and tender. Probably it would be sort of some comfort. In some ways, specifically outside wise, quite close to something like a popular moist corn bread/biscuits. But the very first time taken, absolutely remarkable richness would come through. You could just give it a shot.
    4. Cape Gooseberry Bergamot Scone
    Butterless scone. Double cream got the whole charge of that. Obviously different from the traditional butter scone as already taken.
    Still, it’s no exaggeration to say that Golden Berries made it our taste buds excited.
    5. Lemon Scone
    Authentic butter scone with a refreshing kick. Lemon juice and zest were the triumph as classic lemon scone.
    6. Butternut Pecan Walnut Scone
    Butterless scone. Basically It’s a double cream based scone, yet butternut took it to the next level. Not that airy, quite bready and hardly sweet. Great for a side dish.
    II. The second course
    1. Hong Kong Egg Coconut Tart
    The most simplest and leanest biscuit shell. Not sweet at all, practically sort of plain stuff focusing on crunchy texture. Even no egg shower for the basis in the whole balance. It made it superb the contrast of the tart. Adding to that, I gave lots of slimy gooeyniess to rich filling. By using arrowroot flour and adjusting pure moisture content. For these reasons, it served cool as to the very best flavor. You would already get the whole point, yet crunchier base with slightly jelly filling. It’s another way to go a blast. Even if you have no taste for bird’s nest.
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