Crispy Mixed Katsu(Japanese deep fried cutlets) accompanied with Japanese pickle…

Crispy Mixed Katsu(Japanese deep fried cutlets)
accompanied with Japanese pickled cucumber and radish slices, thyme balsamic shallots and a sushi rice ball
Variety deep fried crispy cutlets with good side dishes, somehow that’s certainly some comfort.
No refined sugar added. A hint of Stevia and liquid Allulose had a big role in compensation.
Normally, Katsu is made with pork loin or tenderloin. Because of my liking, it was substituted with the others.
Originally, it’s bound to serve without a few toppings except for a few sauces such as Japanese soy wasabi sauce and Demi glace sauce and tartar sauce. A few kinds of Japanese style pickles would be likely accompaniments for this. But typical Tsukemono is not so much mine because of distinctive sweetness, that’s one of the reasons it comes up the tweaked meal composition. Plus, Miso soup or Udon soup with Sichimi(one of popular Japanese spice mixes) will be a great accompaniment.
1. Chicken breast Katsu with Japanese Demi glace sauce and ground sage
Even though it’s a deep fried dish, still light and delicate. Before pound the chicken, it was marinated with lemon juice and fresh pineapple juice. Salt should come after the first marinade step.
You could add little Mirin(Japanese cooking wine) for the second marinade step.
2. Chicken tenderloin Katsu stuffed with mashed sweet potatoes and white Cheddar&Mozzarella cheese
The combination of mashed sweet potatoes and white cheese could be a nice twist for cutlets platter. Sweet potato paste will give it a soft, tender and earthy yumminess.
3. Beef fillet Katsu topped with ginger french mustard sauce
Beef fillet was seasoned with salty and runny soy sauce.
You could add little orange zest or Pomelo juice for a refreshing kick.
4. Cod fillet Katsu with Ricotta Tartar sauce and chopped scallions
Basically versatile fish fillet cuts will be good with this, Cod fillet could be the best for yet leaner and clearer aftertaste though.
Cod fillet was seasoned with pepper and ground fennel.
5. Grated apple seasoned shredded cabbage salad
topped with black sesame avocado mayo sauce and crushed peanuts and white sesame seeds
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12 thoughts on “Crispy Mixed Katsu(Japanese deep fried cutlets) accompanied with Japanese pickle…

  1. You could make peanut sauce cabbage salad topped with black sesame sauce. Anything with tree nuts and crushed seeds will be great.
    6. The Sushi rice ball
    Based on authentic Sushi seasoning rice. Compared to the original, reduced sweetness though.
    Usually plain rice with Furikake flakes or Shichimi mix is way popular style.
    It’s made with glutinous rice and Konjac rice. Mostly I use Jasmine rice so as to keep it low GI friendly. But it’s useful to use the mixture which consisted of glutinous rice for a good Sushi rice.
    Also, what it takes to make it better is followed by how to mingle and shape it well. The seasoning should come through completely. Taste and texture wise, It it will address a big difference for way better outcome.
    7. Thyme Balsamic shallots
    Easy and simple, yet brilliant flavor. It’s one of the very nice side dishes for meat and poultry. Great for holiday feast, pairs well with turkey/chicken roast and glazed ham.
    Made from whole shallots peeled, finely chopped fresh thyme, balsamic vinegar(this batch was made with 25 year balsamic Modena), Kosher salt, ground black pepper, finely chopped fresh parsley, minced cherry tomatoes, fresh lemon juice and little extra virgin olive oil.
    Balsamic vinegar should be combined right after you cooked shallots by roasting in the oven.

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