Stay safe, stay positive. Hope you get a good chance to look back mindful moment…

Stay safe, stay positive.
Hope you get a good chance to look back mindful moments of life.
Strawberry Red Rice Chiffon Cake
garnished with meringue, blueberry, barberries infused with rose water, lavender and pistachio nuts
No refined sugar added. Based on Chiffon cake method, affected by Japanese Angel cake method. Plus, it’s made with a few whey isolate as to it would be keep it yet healthier than the original chiffon cake. It’s very useful to make it filling all over.
This batch was light in calories and fat content. Made with Allulose and ground stevia instead of sugar. On that, reduced egg yolks and oil than the usual suggestion.
It’s quite moist, very soft, a bit delicate, little stringy yet bouncy. Not greasy at all. Tasty without lacking features.
It’s a great idea to use red rice flour for the beautiful color without artificial additives. Despite not ideal for stable sponge, it would make it earthy and nutty afterwards.
It’s shading into Halloween season, driving on the staycation.
Doing quarantine, really do miss all those gatherings. After all, what it takes to share something good is living with the networking. Luncheons, Galas, Arts, reorienting meta discourse, style of life(which is linked to the referring of Stande), Aestheticism aesthetic and so on. Even something like a so called faux pas just acrossing no intention, mostly came from out of the circle. Eventually, It’s just about the way some part is presented relatively, so that it would be significant pleasure embracing the very nice of good interacting. Situational awareness is always much more than just ing written manners which is just faithful to the diplomatic mannerism, that’s one of reasons it often has left pure gold behind.
Tastes good and do good could come into a goodness with performance in the same breath. That’s what being in charge of the sensible pose means. I’m going to maintain my stance of greater good whether or not my suits ever accept my pleasure for good. So be it, it is what it is. It’s supposed called the call of respect. Without any reason as to how I knew it, now I do realize the whole thing about that again.

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