Chicken Sofrito . . For lunch. At this time of the year, must give it a go. It’s…

Chicken Sofrito
For lunch.
At this time of the year, must give it a go. It’s an aromatic and exceptional dish, absolutely persuasive. This is a favorite of mine, also top on the comfort food list which came from my own family’s autumn/winter season repertoire.
There are so many different versions of Sofrito. This batch is based on so called Spanish popular version until it falls to what’s with a twist, which means not quite fits with the Catalan original.
Generally it’s supposed to go with rice or some fries, but both accompaniments were out because of my liking. Given way healthful options, non semolina pasta will pair well with this. Specifically Chickpeas based one. Edamame/black beans pasta might be too much in sweetness.
■ Cooking tips for a likely replicability of this Sofrito
1. Ingredients
• For the chicken
▶️500g chicken breast
▶️Salt and pepper to season
• For the Sofrito
▶️1/8 tsp. ADOBO seasoning
No doubt!
▶️1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil(1/2 tsp. oil at once)
You can take refined lard or pork fat chopped instead of olive oil.
▶️2g Annatto seeds
▶️6 garlic cloves chopped
▶️200g diced onions and 200g chopped onions for stir fry
▶️100g diced onions for stewing
▶️40g finely chopped leeks
▶️40g finely chopped carrots
▶️50g yellow bell peppers chopped
▶️40g finely chopped green squash
You can use zucchinis/courgettes instead of squash.
▶️4 bay leaves
▶️1 handful of Roma tomatoes chopped
▶️2+1/2 cups(about 400g+100g) whole tomatoes
▶️1/2 cup chicken broth mingled with 1 Tbsp. Lime juice
It’s highly recommended to add some tomato paste. Certainly way better for cold weather.
▶️50g sautéed button mushroom slices
▶️1 Tbsp. Paprika
▶️100g smoked turkey ham slices chopped
Turkey ham and paprika will give a wonderful savoriness. Clear yet hearty richness, just right for a clean eating diet. You can swap it with smoked chicken ham.
In case using just pork ham, It would be good in itself. Still, the outcome will be different to what It should be. Certainly, it gets close to the Cuban taste Sofrito, even though the serving style is far from the popular features of that.
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14 thoughts on “Chicken Sofrito . . For lunch. At this time of the year, must give it a go. It’s…

  1. If you’d like to keep the specifically designed context, use smoked turkey ham/chicken ham. If you’d like to use pork ham, it’s way useful to add a little cilantro for the good coherence.
    Option 1 – a bit of fresh oregano fine chops
    Option 2 – 1/2 cup dry white wine instead of the mixture of chicken broth and lime juice
    As a reminder, taking this dish with some beef, it would be a great idea for cold weather. Specifically, roasted beef will go nicely. It might be better than chicken or beef Sofrito like a stew. I always keep some spare for a next meal. You should try!
    2. Method
    Follow usual Sofrito method and popular great use of ingredients factored by its features. Considering the meaning of Sofrito, which came from the original word of that, give it a good twist by referring the ingredient chart. Make the layering, keep it away from all kinds of rushing. Everything should get flavored well, lightly frying. It will add up to an adjusted version.
    Pour the oil, make Annatto seeds fragrant.
    Cook the reserved fresh veggies. And then the other spice treats will be added in the pot. Tomatoes paste should be served after chicken broth and lime juice. Do not add any kinds of vinegar to this dish. Mostly, it’s not going to work.

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