Portuguese custard tart and Bergamot Oolong tea scone with Earl Grey dulce de le…

Portuguese custard tart and Bergamot Oolong tea scone with Earl Grey dulce de leche
accompanied by Drip coffee and non fat milk
For cardio day breakfast.
Using up leftover butter, enjoy me time early in the morning.
No refined sugar added. Practically it would be a so called sugar free stuff, but it can’t be one of sugar free things. I mean, as homemade baking goods often does, technically not enough to taken as to sugar free labeling requirements. I guess it’s needed to make it clear at this point, also keep it sensible in a good way.
1. The Portuguese custard tart
Apparently, based on the most famous custard tart. Pastéis de Nata, also one of world best pastries. Flaky, crisp and rich crust with custardy cream bliss, what an exceptional combination.
But this batch is not that sweet though. Also, the original serving style is not mine, so there is no extra sugar topping or the other spice treats.
2. The Bergamot Oolong tea scone with Earl Grey dulce de leche
This is not kind of crunchy scone as seen from the pics. Besides, so obviously, it’s far from traditional or authentic English scone. Plus, there’s no room to be taken as something like biscuits.
Still, it’s a good soft scone. Crisp on the outside, very fluffy, moist and tender in the middle. Never hard or crunchy, just melting in the mouth. Airy pockets within the scone make it way better the distinctive texture. It’s very catchy.
Adding little buttermilk, keeping its moisture of the dough at bay and using hand making dough. These are the very important 3 rules to get soft scones. Also, it’s really helpful to freeze the dough for a while before baking. There might be a hassle in bringing a right dough, but it would be paid off completely.

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  1. I absolutely love custard tarts and this my friend looks absolutely delicious 😋😋 I love the flavour of the scones 😋😋& that coffee looks like my perfect coffee 👌☕️ again I love ur setting 🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️

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