Sweet and Salty Japanese Style Pastry Glazed with Cardamom Orange Syrup Besides …

Sweet and Salty Japanese Style Pastry
Glazed with Cardamom Orange Syrup
Besides with drip coffee. Soymilk was out at this time.
For breakfast early in the morning.
Savory, but it’s sweet and salty evenly. No added refined sugar, it’s made with Allulose mostly.
To keep it no added sugar setting, there is no glacé unlike the original version. Not proper in texture way, so that it’s with Pectine.
Most of all, it should be finished with a few glacé/icing. Instead, I gave some fruity kick inside by using orange peel chopped.
It should be taken hand serving, because it’s worth taking the mess.
Using up leftover butter stick.
My fiance did it all right for Thanksgiving celebration, so it’s supposed I should make the right call for good makeovers by using leftover ingredients.
Originally I was going to go Beef Wellington with leftover meat for dinner, but he wanted a full breakfast with a bit of sweetness.
That’s the reason I baked this which is based on Japanese style pastry.
Compared to the famous French original and popular Danish versions, not that salty. Savory, still it’s safe to say sweet and salty. Plus, It’s high in fat content itself, not quite relatively. To top it off, It’s focusing on the contrast, never exactly same with those in a texture way. It’s about different context.
Probably you could think nothing different from the pics, actually there’s a big gap right here. Super crispy and flaky outside, very moist and buttery inside. And, it’s fluffy and tiny little bit bouncy.
Yes, its texture came from different grain. There were considerable differences, the whole thing is fermentation. It’s much more than sourdough matters and refrigerating overnight. If you have a thing for giving an enough time for croissants, you could get what I’m trying to say. Entirely it’s made out of the heart of Japanese style pastry. That’s why it’s fluffy and bouncy.
In case of baking croissants, this approach would be something people either love or hate. I know. Still, I guess it’s one of good achievements factored by Japanese taste.

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15 thoughts on “Sweet and Salty Japanese Style Pastry Glazed with Cardamom Orange Syrup Besides …

  1. Ohhhh Wowwww 🤩🤩🤩they look like such soft & airy pillows of pastry my friend 😋😋😋And the orange syrup sounds absolutely delicious. Well done 👏👏perfect 👌👌👌I’m sure u enjoyed them 😋😋😋

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