Happy Thanksgiving I hope you all have a really nice day regardless of timeline …

Happy Thanksgiving🍁
I hope you all have a really nice day regardless of timeline😁
Tables are turned. My fiance takes the whole charge of Thanksgiving celebration dish as usual, so this chowder will be the only dish which I made today. Well, dealing with a pastry of pastry should be a different case. Anyway, I’m looking forward to enjoying turkey luncheon and lamb shanks dinner😍 He is really talented in carving as well.
This year’s Thanksgiving reached out the turning point of staycation which started from Mid-Autumn festival celebration, very significant lap. As very right in the middle of vacation, it’s time to think of topics in work and facts in issue.
Prawn Squash Clam Chowder
topped with Toasted Chickpeas
For breakfast. A nice idea to enjoy soup season. Good for all nighters too.
Yes, it’s autumn. But it does not mean squash can not serve you well. You should try it!
The pairing of squash and prawn is the star of the flavor. Such a perfect combination for catchy white chowder. Simple yet hearty, you could enjoy amazing umami. Most of all, I use these with clam, spinach and peppery seafood broth. It makes chowder savory all the time.
Small diced squash will be the best. It’s rather better than zucchini. Probably finely chopped courgette could be fine.
I prefer to use toasted chickpeas instead of soup crackers for chowder. Yet nuttier and healthier. Also, it always pairs with this chowder.
For rich taste, you could add meatball. Or, just add ground meat like a burger soup. I like match way runny soup with ground meat and high purity Konjac wide noodles. If you make the Konjac well seasoned, it could be close to the Taiwanese meatball(肉圓) in some ways. Eventually you should cut the ball to eat. Just give it a little cilantro chopped for a topping. In case of using chicken, it might be better to go with fresh celery leaves and croutons.
Just as you know, the pairing of prawn/shrimp and squash is really versatile. Especially, along with seafood broth and some salt, it will add up to a savory yumminess.
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18 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving I hope you all have a really nice day regardless of timeline …

  1. For example, for an accompaniment, fermented shrimp with squash and pepper will make you happy, whether braised or sautéed or steamed. It will be good for a topping as well. Oyster Vermicelli(蚵仔麵線) with braised squash seasoned with fermented Sakura shrimp is one of the very best food while traveling southern Taiwan. Compared to Oyster omelet/pancakes(蚵仔煎) and gooey Oyster Tofu Soup(蚵仔豆腐羹), not that famous yet very popular for many people as a local specialty.
    In similar vein, Japanese and Korean cuisine has a few case for this pairing. Even though basically it’s followed by cold serving format, it’s worth a try. Still not quite easier to match it with so called western pattern diet, because it’s based on rice based meal composition. But Taiwanese cuisine has many more cases for utilizing. Mostly factored by hot serving, also proper to go with many different starch food. Great for low carb as already taken as well.
    So, if you’d like to try it in low carb based diet, or prefer noodles and bread over rice dishes in way of taking starch food, you could look around Taiwanese cuisine to come up with a good inspiration.

  2. Mmmm yummmm this chowder looks absolutely delicious Lin 😋😋👌👌🤤🤤 Love the toasted chickpeas ❤️❤️❤️ Isn’t it lovely that ur fiancé takes to the cooking for thanksgiving ❤️👏👏 My hubby loves cooking but I tend to steal the kitchen especially now that I’m home til I go back to work hopefully next week 🙏🙏🙏

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