I hope you all have an amazing Monday . Braised Lamb Morning Glory For late supp…

I hope you all have an amazing Monday🍁
Braised Lamb Morning Glory
For late supper.
Simple and easy, good for the last meal before Thanksgiving Monday.
It’s time to eat lamb. Lamb is sort of autumn/winter food for me. Given chicken breast is the most favorite ingredients in overall protein intake, it’s bound to be quite a natural book.
>The practical part of the cooking note starts near the comment thread. If you’d like to jump, go for it.
This dish was a tricky pivot for Taiwanese style Peking Zha Jiang(台式老北京炸醬) which goes against the grain with Original version of old Beijing Zha Jiang. Way lighter in calories, but quite a similar afterwards.
Skimming out the original version of this dish, cooking method wise, there’s a good room for usually popular Zha Jiang(炸醬). Roughly speaking, it can be taken as sort of popular Spanish Sofrito(in detail, whether Catalan original or not) in a method way. A lot of oil, veggies mostly sweet, frying, deep frying and highly aromatic scent. The sauce should be cooked in time taking method as to an ideal outcome.
The outstanding texture of lamb and high fat content make it way far remarkable. Adding to that, unlike normally popular Zha Jiang dishes, specifically which is made with Sichuan style Spicy Chili Bean Sauce(豆瓣醬), it would be better to be laid in similar vein with Peking Zha Jiang and derivative dishes such as Taiwanese Zha Jiang(眷村風味老北京式炸醬). As nothing like the original Peking Zha Jiang, which is made with Chinese Black Soybean paste, not so much diluted with oil as very condensed, salty and thick sauce, mostly matched with noodles. To top it off, the flavor texture of those is rather similar to that of this version. Especially It’s based on no potatoes or carrot version of Taiwanese taste.
• Cooking tips
The efficient tricky pivot for savory goodness
1. For Ingredients
▶️500g boneless lamb
Small diced beef oyster blade cut will be fine. It’s not necessary to cut out the middle part of that. In case cooked well done, it will become very slimy and chewy.
▶️450g onions chopped
▶️2 handfuls of shallot chopped
▶️1 tsp. neutral oil
▶️3 handfuls of dried leeks
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8 thoughts on “I hope you all have an amazing Monday . Braised Lamb Morning Glory For late supp…

  1. ▶️400g Morning Glory in thirds
    No doubt it’s the very best for this dish. Sweet potato leaves and Komatsuna(小松菜) will be fine, still not the very best flavor as the distinctive texture of Morning Glory.
    ▶️Kosher salt
    Option – Pure Chinese soybean sauce. Nothing like popular Soja sauce. Unsweetened, very runny and salty.
    As a side note, lamb goes really nicely with Sha Cha sauce(沙茶醬). You could just go the pairing with Morning Glory. It would serve you well.
    Topping – Chopped fresh chives or scallions
    2. For method
    Morning Glory and dried leeks should be tossed with cooking oil and a bit of salt. It’s certainly useful to reduce a number of oil.
    Grease a deep pan with cooking oil. Cook garlic cloves in the pot until fragrant. And then, add onions chopped. Cook, bring it on a sweeter, make it lose a lot of volume. Overall, it’s likely to be reached out coating and oiling. You should hold the temperature of the pot at bay. It will be fine slightly scorching it, but don’t let it burnt. To use generous oil is another way to go. In that case, adjust the heat to yet lower level, give it enough time to absorb oil. Over the low heat fry it slowly. Brown the lamb. Add dried leeks, make it soggy until fragrance. In case using Soybean sauce, this the right time to add it. And then, preheat the oven to 446F(230C). Meanwhile, remove it the DEEP POTTERY pot with a lid. There should be quite a lot of room, specifically above the food. As for the lid, heavier rather better. It would be way better in way of dry heat and moist heat. Unlike usual pressure cooker, It’s clearly dry heat based cookery, but moist heat will redeem own credit overall in a good way. Eventually the whole flavor will come through every nook and cranny. Plus, it will be coated nicely outside. It’s safe to say it has an edge over the others. Make it sure it’s oven safe. It’s likely to be a pottery pot than the others including a ceramic pot.
    Slide the pot in the oven, go 40 min. Turn off the heat, give it about 10 min in the oven. Meantime prepare your topping.
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  2. Mmmm yummmm looks & sounds very yummy Lin 😋🤤👌 I tend to forget about lamb unless it’s on a Bbq 🤷‍♀️! Great dish 👏👏 love that you used leaks too yummmm 😋😋😋👌👌👌 🌺💐🌼🌸🌷

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