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Have a wonderful day😁😁
Korean Fritter Platter
Normally Korean food is less than mine because all dishes have no spice treat for highly organized layering. Apparently, great for vegan diet and plant based diet, still the most famous and popular flavor of Korean cuisine came from Perilla oil(which is different from Sesame oil) and a few kinds of sauces made with hot spicy red pepper mostly, cold food and hot food respectively.
That’s one of reasons really important to use FRESH ingredients, which means basically needed to keep the original texture of ingredients. Despite many actual cases can’t keep it, specifically soup, still that’s the core.
Compared to Japanese food, also well known for many people as fresh ingredients of those, it’s ed by quite distinctive features every single aspect. Not that sweet, yet too hot spicy for me.
For same reasons, my fiance has no taste for Korean food, but we have some leftovers Chinese dinner feast. Also, we didn’t want to go dumplings again. It was a likely cause that this fritter platter came up. Plus, It’s a useful idea to deal with leftover seafood.
Based on popular Korean fritter platter. I gave a few twists for a good balance, considering the specific role this had in the whole meal.
In many cases, this fritter platter has hot spicy accompaniment such as Soupish Spicy Rice Cake(Tteokbokki). Or Korean Fish Cake Soup(Odentang) is bound to be matched with that, which means It’s highly preferable to go with savory and bit oily but not that rich food. But I just took runny soy sauce(not sweet) with onions and green hot peppers additionally.
The batter of small sized fritters was made with usual flour and whey isolate so that it would get way crunchy and healthier. The others were based on that of original version.
Originally leaf lettuce should be the only option for Korean fritter platter, but I matched Iceberg lettuce with this dish as well. I guess the pairing of fritters and this lettuce is all the time good.
As for the other pairings of lettuce and fried something, you could just try crispy beaten egg fritters/shrimp fritters(better than prawn fritters) with fresh lettuce.
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  1. One of nice ideas to enjoy good fritter dish. It’s one of world famous food such as typical part of Chinese and Peranakan cuisine’s great pieces.
    β€’ Seaweed Fritters
    Stuffed with Pepper Seasoned Konjac Rice.
    The original version is made with starch noodles, mostly Glass Noodles.
    β€’ Green Pepper Fritters
    Stuffed with Minced Chicken, Ground sage, Ground black pepper and Kosher Salt.
    Originally it should be pork stuffed green pepper rather than this, but it was good in itself.
    β€’ Yam Carrot Cilantro Shrimp Fritters Normally the original version is made with only veggies. But it’s followed by very high level of oil intake, so I added leftover shrimps. Certainly useful to keep it at bay, way less greasy in a few ways. Plus, I let cilantro serve well in a good way so that it would make it a nice room against too heavy and strong fritters.
    β€’ Chicken Scallion Octopus Fritters
    Chicken is the whole new ingredients in the whole composition. It’s way better than in protein content though.
    Usually poultry is out of this platter, almost considered that it’s with other food such as popcorn chicken accompanied with coke.
    β€’ Prawn Fritters
    β€’ Calamari Body Fritters
    β€’ Whole Egg Fritters
    β€’ Sweet Potatoes Fritters

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