Have a lovely day The fifth day of Mid-Autumn vacation at home. . . Mid-Autumn f…

Have a lovely day😁😁
The fifth day of Mid-Autumn vacation at home.
Mid-Autumn feast with Chinese food. Normally full Chinese meal does serve twice a year, so we had it for the first time in 9 months. I’m not going to lie, it was super amazing! We all relished our moment of great yumminess.
That hard stuff treated my fiance. Practically I’m not a drinker after turned 28. I mean, liquor has been less than important part of my foodie life since then. I prefer to have dish instead of drink, either just drink or drink drink. Well, from the standpoint in which coffee and usual tea are not quite counting.
Anyway, now I have only few case trying to taste totally something new such as Tibetan traditional holiday drink, so that mostly while travelling, not quite a social drinker.
Just as you know, given all respects, I’ll choose Kinmen Kaoliang 58(金門高粱58) rather than that. Everybody has own taste though, just take it attached.
All dishes were made with Allulose rather than refined sugar or corn syrup.
We ate all these dishes with air fry fried dumplings(氣炸鍋貼), two per one. No presence in the pics because not my works, always really go nicely with all these dishes.
• Gooey Tomato Vegetable Seafood Stir Fry(茄汁蔬菜燴海鮮)
Originally I was going to cook Gooey Sha Cha Lamb Stir Fry for the main part of this meal, but my fiance just suggested eating Fo Tiao Qiang(佛跳牆) for the closure of Chinese food feast this year right before I started to cook. So I kept the lamb for other dish. Whether this kind of whole new challenge could be safe within the right circles or not, I’ll see how it goes actually with my best interest. Can he make Buddhist monk jump over the wall? Chinese dishes are not that familiar to him, so that It got full attention of mine.
Anyway, If you’re a big fan of lamb, you really should try Gooey Lamb Leafy Veggie Stir Fry with Rice(羊肉燴飯). Incredibly aromatic and delicious. As for the sauce, Sha Cha and usual sauce(which came from Zha method) both will go nicely. As a side, northern Taiwanese style is a favorite of mine. It would work for you too.
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  1. • Hot and Sour Soup(酸辣湯)
    The base of soup was Taiwanese popular version, which means the whole point of spiciness came from the pepper, nothing had with red spicy something. It’s just a finisher. Also, caramelized onions, shallots and bit of sesame oil had a big role in the whole dish.
    But it can’t be in line with that because of the gap in a few important way. Not chunky at all. No Chinese mushrooms or Tofu(not silken or hard), even beaten egg was out of that. Beaten egg is likely to be the star of Taiwanese version, besides with sliced mustard tuber. If it’s with some noodles, it could be the very basic Hot and Sour Noodles(酸辣麵), also typical 大滷麵.
    •  Sweet and Sour Prawn&Shrimp(糖醋蝦仁)
    No peanuts. Prawn with ground shrimp.
    I like Sliced Chicken Veggie Stir Fry(榨菜炒肉絲) than this as sliced mustard tuber does give always stir fry dishes deep flavor. You should give it a shot!
    I cooked this dish because it’s the only case in which my fiance loves fritter with sweet sauce.
    • Sesame Oil Spicy Hot Pepper Chicken(麻油香辣雞塊)
    The combination of generous coconut soy sauce, Sesame oil and tiny little bit of broad Bean Chili Sauce(Dou Ban Jiang) was the heart of this dish. A hint of Perilla oil added up to an amazing dish.
    • Herbal Ma La Soup Base(藥膳麻辣湯底)
    Great accompaniment for air fry fried dumplings.

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