Happy Sunday Everyone The fourth day of vacation at home. . Mid-Autumn brunch se…

Happy Sunday Everyone🌰🍁🍂🍠
The fourth day of vacation at home.
Mid-Autumn brunch selection. No refined sugar added.
Using up leftover ingredients. Almost there! The remaining is a short stick of butter.
Besides with Verveine tea and fresh lemon zest. Right, the porcelain grater had a good role for that.
1. The first course
• Madeira Black Rice Sorghum Butter Cake
Based on traditional English Pound Cake. It’s made with leftover aperitif as a rule of good tea cake, adjusted tiny bit as to Chinese taste.
• Craquelin Choux with Pumpkin Rice Whipped Cream
Buttery choux pastry with cream filling, certainly one of good ideas to savor Japanese style dessert.
The filling of this Choux was inspired by Chishang(池上) rice ice cream. Chishang is located in Taitung, Taiwan. As implied, it’s very famous for high quality rice, also famous and popular for many people as a nice place for bike riding because of wide rice field. Quite a beautiful and memorable scenery made a big thing of many coffee CM taken here.
I visited four times, it never failed me. For bike riding and Motorcycling both, all good. If you have a chance to travel Taitung, you could stop by here. There are many beautiful views and photo spots in there, including famous coffee CM spots.
• Japanese Chestnut Water Chestnut Paste Bun(栗子菱角泥饅頭) with Sweet Potato Streusel
After steamed, finished in a oven.
• Japanese Butter Red Bean Paste Sandwich(あんバターサンド)
So called hard bread would be the very best idea for this, there was some leftovers though. Instead, I did not completely mash the beans. Plus, I gave some fresh touch by adding Earl Grey infused water to Allulose candied Azuki Bean for the whole balance.
2. The second course
• Pandan Green Tea Terrine
I’m not a big fan of sweet dessert, so normally I prefer savory Terrine and Pâté. Before pork was taken out of my kitchen, Chinese Salted Pork Jelly(水晶肉) was certainly one of mine. If you have a room for pork, you could try it.
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16 thoughts on “Happy Sunday Everyone The fourth day of vacation at home. . Mid-Autumn brunch se…

  1. • PEELED Mung Bean(Monggo) Paste Pastry with Cardamom Palmier Cookie
    Based on the taste of Snow Skin Mung Bean Mooncake(冰綠豆糕) in a filling way, which means what it takes to make the ideal is to pound PEELED bean completely well. Because it’s a baking goods filling, I focused on good dose for liquid Allulose and Carrageenan so that it would have not sticky but slightly stringy and delicate.
    Skin wise, It’s based on Danish butter pastry with egg&whole milk wash. One of nice ideas to enjoy butter pastry.
    Instead of Thousand Layer Spiral Yolk Mooncake(蛋黃酥), I baked this. I know how much delicious Spiral Mooncake made with lard. Unlike the other fats, lard gives the pastry really distinctive taste and texture. Vegetable fat never cover it, even butter can not reach it. INSANE layers, super rich, truly flaky and a bit stringy afterward. Even after it absorbed so called unwanted moisture, still its taste would become incredibly good in itself. Rich, nutty, catchy… It’s safe to say buttery. Never get tired. Fantastic, just exceptional. On that, Besides with salted duck yolk and red bean paste, definitely it’s the very best idea to enjoy lard in a very good way.
    If you have some spare to try different types of traditional Mooncakes, you could just try Taro Pork Mooncakes. Regardless of types of Mooncake skin, it does work well. The combination of sweetness and savoriness, it will give give quite a good case for Umami. As a side, It’s likely to be flavored pork minced for small sized type, flavored pork diced for big sized type. All great respectively, definitely not about just batch size.
    • Osmanthus Corn Rice Bread
    Filled with rice cake which has lightly chewy texture with softness. Based on Japanese contemporary popular bread in composition way. The filling is factored by Taiwanese Modern traditional rice cake(麻吉), quite different to all the other kinds of rice cake such as 糍粑 and 麻糬 and 粄粿.
    • Ricotta-Tofu-Cream Cheese Castella Sheet Cake
    This batch was made out of a trial for the new ratio of three ingredients. I guess pretty much pleasant, still need some adjusting. Probably, I’m going to cut out the whole moisture next time.

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