Have an adorable day you all The second day of vacation at home. . Caraway Thym…

Have an adorable day you all🍐🌝 🐇
The second day of vacation at home.
Caraway Thyme Pomelo Pear Zucchini Chicken Breast Salad
topped with arugula and basil leaves
finished with toasted soy pulp and chickpea crumbs
Inspired by Arabic salad recipes of the late Middle Ages, practically likely Syrian, and tweaked as to my liking.
You just could choose other real cheese such as Labneh and Halluomi over this mixture. Simply, fat free yogurt cucumber dip can be used as a good substitution of the other suggestions. Dill seeds might go nicely rather than dill weed.
■ Marinated Zucchini Chicken Salad
(about for 2 servings)
• Needed ingredients
▶100g shaved zucchinis(or thinly spiralized zhuccinis)
▶Chicken breast prepared
▶The dressing for zucchini marinade
▶The dressing for chicken marinade
▶Fresh arugula and basil leaves for topping
▶The mixture for a finisher
1. For chicken preparation
▶500g chicken breast
▶1 tbsp. lemon juice
▶1 tsp. white wine vinegar
It might be better to wash chicken in first place, which means chicken breast should be marinated with lemon juice and vinegar for few min.
▶Chicken broth for boiling chicken
▶Pepper ground and salt
▶6 garlic cloves
▶A handful of pear in quarters
▶1/2 STICK cinnamon
▶1 onion in quarters
▶1 tsp. caraway seeds WHOLE
Option – tiny bit of anise Mace
Generally It’s recommended to brown in first place for good texture. If you’d like to try more traditional way in this point, just boil it.
2. For zucchini marinade
▶1 tbsp. white wine vinegar
▶1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
▶2 tsp. lemon juice
▶1 tsp. pomelo juice
▶1 garlic clove minced
▶1 tsp. caraway seeds powdered
▶1/6 tsp. ground black pepper
▶1/8 tsp. ground coriander
▶1/3 tsp. ground cinnamon
▶Tiny bit of fresh basil chopped
▶A tiny bit of fresh parsley chopped
It’s highly recommended to marinate shaved zucchinis for a few hours.
3. For chicken marinade
▶1 tbsp. lemon zest
▶2+1/2 tbsp. dried mint
▶1 tbsp. dried parsley
or some liquid of 2.
▶A bit of olive oil
Option for sweet tooth – tiny bit of pomegranate molasses
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7 thoughts on “Have an adorable day you all The second day of vacation at home. . Caraway Thym…

  1. 4. For the others
    ▶Toasted soy pulp curd without any kind of fat
    ▶Toasted chickpea crumbs without any kind of fat
    This mixture for a finisher is lean but full of flavor. Yummy and nutty!
    ▶Fresh basil leaves
    ▶Fresh arugula

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